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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Young Justice - Coming November 2010

[Source: Wikipedia] Young Justice focuses on the lives of a group of teenaged superhero sidekicks and protégés attempting to establish themselves as proven superheroes and as teenagers dealing with adolescent issues grounded in the context of their personal lives.
The show is set in Earth-16, a DC Multiverse world, and corresponds to the present time of our world — a time period Vietti has called "a new age of heroes." The recently founded (three to four years in activity) Justice League is a powerful organization of superheroes who find themselves becoming "high-powered, high-wattage celebrities" tracked closely by the public. As it grows increasingly difficult for the Justice League to operate outside the spotlight, the supervillains take advantage of their opponents' prominence while becoming better at organizing and working under the radar. Meanwhile, the teenaged sidekicks of several Justice League members feel they are ready to graduate on to the next level and become more independent. Consequently, Batman organizes the teens to fill the need for a covert operations team while keeping their protégés under their authority.
Although Young Justice follows a continuity considerably different from that of mainstream DC Universe, Weisman has stated that the series covers its early stages. Earth-16 was chosen by DC Entertainment for the show because it was largely untapped, freeing the series and its franchise from established continuity restraints set by either DC Universe or other Multiverse worlds. There are crucial differences in the line-up of teenaged superhero sidekicks from those of Teen Titans or Young Justice series of comics. Dick Grayson and Wally West were chosen over Tim Drake and Bart Allen/Impulse because the former characters were the first incarnations of their respective superhero identities. Miss Martian was added because the date of her arrival to Earth could still fit in the early DC Universe concept. Aqualad, as opposed to Robin, is the leader of the team. Arrowette was replaced by Artemis in the producers' desire to focus on the latter's storylines. Some of the Young Justice characters' ages are tweaked from those of their original counterparts. However, the spirit and the intent of the characters are said to be kept.

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