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Monday, December 27, 2010

Disney's TRON UPRISING Animated TV Series!

Following the Revolution that takes place within the grid
Adam Horowitz and Eddie Kitsis, screenwriters of the new film TRON: Legacy, told BOXOFFCE that the forthcoming TRON spinoff projects would offer a continuation of the mythology of the movie series. "There's a 10-part micro series that will premiere next summer that Eddie and I wrote," Horowitz said during an interview in Los Angeles, Calif. "And we've also worked on a couple of episodes with the series itself. We've hired an incredible team; we've got a guy running the show named Charlie Bean who is an amazing director."

When asked whether the animated series will be part of the continuity of the films, Kitsis said, "Absolutely. And we're treating it very seriously." He explained that the events of the show will take place in between the events of TRON and TRON: Legacy. "This animated show will take place from when Flynn is in a safe house. It's from when Clu takes over the grid to before when Sam comes in. So if you were wondering what was the grid like before that, then watch the show."

Horowitz indicated that it will feature an eclectic cast of voice actors, including the actor who played Tron in both films. "We hesitate to tell too much just yet, but it will fill in the blanks of some things, and also explore some new areas as well," he revealed. "Bruce Boxleitner is in it, Elijah Wood, Linda Moore, Paul Reubens, Lance Henriksen. I mean, we've got a really cool group of actors."

He also suggested that some of the stories might piggyback on preliminary ideas that he and Kitsis developed for the film that didn't make it into the final cut. "To give you an example of how we approached storytelling sometimes is like when you're in the End of Line club, when we first meet Castor and he's being berated by one of the patrons saying, ‘I want an audience with Zuse.' His name is Bartik, and there's an entire back story we have for him. The guy with him, his name is Hopper, there's a whole thing between the two of them, what they are doing in there, and how they got there. It's like over the years of developing this movie, we developed all these mythologies and all these back stories and all little tangential things."

Kitsis said that he and Horowitz came up with explanations for every aspect of these peripheral characters, and that gives them a richer mythology to draw upon for future stories. "Did we have time to do the Bartik story? No. But now maybe the Bartik story is in the animated series you know, he's got a huge scar on his face. I want to know how he got that scar. We couldn't sit down and write that there's a guy with a scar on his face without knowing what the scar was. So we hope it adds to the depth of the movie. Our intention is to try and make something that is more than just, let's go get something. We treat TRON very, very seriously and as writers we try to have a reason and a world for everything and not all of it gets to be shown because in this particular movie, we only had two hours.

"[So] hopefully it fills in the blanks in and in a fun way and an intriguing way."

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