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Saturday, December 10, 2011

Manga for Digital Download

A Romance Manga Made Available Simultaneously in both the US & Japan!
Commemorating the 30th anniversary of the artistic career of Harumo Sanazaki, the renowned romance manga artist, one of her most recently released romance comic titles "Burning Love on the Aegean Sea" is now available digitally for $4.99 for the US readers via Kindle and as a manga app for Android market. A Printed book edition and a manga app for Android market both in Japanese are also released simultaneously for the Japanese readers!

Driven by an urge for revenge against the family that expelled him from the island, Christian Dukakis made a comeback as the rich patriarch. Christian believed that Leda, the family's daughter whom he loved, had a new lover right after he left. Because of this, he treated her cruelly upon his return. Do the two former lovers really hate each other? Can they resist becoming attracted to each other after all those years apart? Elegant and enthralling, their love-hate relationship evolves on the beautiful Aegean island. Enjoy Harumo Sanazaki's seasoned skills at story-telling and manga drawing! 
About Ohzora Publishing Co.
Headquartered in Tokyo, Ohzora is the number one publishing house in Japan in terms of female manga franchises and number of manga publications for women. It is a creative powerhouse widely known as a pioneer of comics for young women including: romance novel adaptations, shojo manga, and ladies comics. In total, Ohzora's publications are read by over 15.8 million people each year.

About Six Degree Works, Inc.
Founded in 2011, Six Degree Works, Inc. is a publisher of translated manga, novels, and business books. It aims to promote Japanese culture via digital distribution. Utilizing its expertise in the anime and manga industry, Six Degree Works offers marketing and promotional services to any individual or organization that wishes to expand its operation into the digital world.

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