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Tuesday, March 19, 2013


The Struggle to Remember a Lost Love...
  • On one fateful day, August 1, the 'Heroine' (no apparent name revealed) lost all her memories. In order to gain them back and to ease her pain in remembering, she tries to interact with 'him' hoping to live each day as happily as she can, and to make a bright future with him... This story first begins when the Heroine tries to escape a burning building with watchtower. She is later seen sinking in the apse. After the Heroine wakes up, she discovers that it's August 4 and that she has no memories of the people she had known before then. When she is at home, a young boy named Orion, who had already known her three days after August 1st, explains how she lost her memories and a way to help her to get them back. However, if she isn't able to get her memories back, she will soon lose her memories to talk, eat, sleep, and breathe. As the story progresses, the Heroine seems to gain one of her memories back, which is a memory of her and Ikki, who was helping her make the parfait. After the work was done, she and Orion found in her mailbox a picture of her with her face scribbled out. At the end of the episode, a group of girls confront the Heroine saying that she broke their "promise". The Heroine suddenly remembers one of the girls holding a pair of scissors and cutting off a lock of her hair. After seeing that traumatic memory, she faints.

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