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Sunday, April 16, 2023

"In a world where even the fish are zombies..."

Arriving July 7 2023 in Japan. Featuring the heroic characters of Chris Redfield, Jill Valentine, Rebecca Chambers, Leon S. Kennedy, and Claire Redfield as they team-up for more zombie action! We'll see the quintet of zombie slayers heading to Alcatraz to uncover and battle a new threat, which may just be... zombie sharks.

The story of Resident Evil: Death Island focuses on Resident Evil 4 star Leon S. Kennedy’s mission to rescue Dr. Antonio Taylor from sexy kidnappers, and BSAA agent Chris Redfield investigating a zombie outbreak in San Francisco, where it appears a new strain of virus is turning people into monsters. Also, there’s at least one whale that appears to be infected by the T-virus and what appears to be a new strain of aquatic Lickers. There may even be a zombie octopus?!

Regardless, former STARS members Rebecca Chambers and Jill Valentine also get involved, as does Claire Redfield, who is representing human rights organization TerraSave in the ultimate Resident Evil team-up. Even the guy who says “Resident Evil” (or “Biohazard”) in a deep, foreboding voice when you press the start button is here!

Resident Evil: Death Island is a direct sequel to 2017 animated movie Resident Evil: Vendetta.
Exclusively in theaters on July 7 in Japan

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