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Thursday, June 8, 2023

Disney might sell Lucasfilm, but who will buy it?

Disney in Talks to SELL LUCASFILM and
LUCAS might be the Buyer!

Disney is in big financial trouble, and desperate times call for desperate measures... including shutting down projects, liquidating assets... and selling Lucasfilm! This is what a source told me on Monday, as I reported in my last video about these rumors, and after that video I was contacted by Kamran Pasha, whose source codenamed Sparrow independently confirmed much of what my source alleged, but then added one detail - they believe GEORGE LUCAS is the BUYER! Folks, this video contains a MASSIVE amount of information and rumors coming out of Disney, so kick back, grab some popcorn or a stiff drink, and listen as Kamran and I compare notes about the drastic measures allegedly being contemplated at Disney!  - Doomcock
One more point to emphasize: while each of us has sources stating that Disney will likely be forced to sell off Lucasfilm depending on how much Disney has to pay to Comcast for their share of Hulu, it is Sparrow who believes, from what they've learned inside Lucasfilm, that George Lucas is the most likely buyer. I personally am intrigued and excited, but since I haven't spoken with Sparrow personally since Sparrow is Kamran's contact, I retain a healthy skepticism about these rumors. I can simply tell you, for the reasons outlined in this video, it does seem to me that Disney is going to have to take drastic measures to save themselves. The sale of Lucasfilm seems like a plausible alternative in light of Disney's declining fortunes. But watch the discussion, and decide for yourselves!   - Doomcock

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