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Saturday, October 7, 2023

What if 'AHSOKA' came out in the 1980's...

AHSOKA - 1986 TV Intro
"To save a long lost ally that may or may not be able to help them..."
It’s 1986. You’re sitting eagerly in front of the television in your Max Reebo pajamas, sneaking a bowl of C3P0's because you didn’t finish your TV dinner and you’re still hungry. Tonight is a big night and you need the energy. After Webster is over, a new Star Wars show is premiering. Book of Boba Fett was okay, but after Return of the Jedi, you only want one thing: more space magic. Your Dad walks in and tries to change it to The A-Team, but you will not be deterred. You tell him a new show is starting and it’s all about hot ladies who kick ass. You easily win him over. It’s almost time now...

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