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Saturday, May 14, 2011

Strange and Fascinating Vending Machines...

From Around the World...
Nowadays you can find just about anything sold in a vending machine. Collected here are 43 of the most bizarre vending machines selling the most unlikely goods and services you'd ever imagine in a metal box. [Source:]
1. Crabs from China [Source]
2. Bananas from Japan [Source]
3. Giant Coke from Argentina [Source]
4. Social Pepsi Vending Machine from Chicago [Source]
5. Walking Robot from Japan [Source]
6. Used Underwear from Japan [Source]
7. Hamburgers from Japan [Source]
8. Adult Magazines from Japan [Source]
9. Pecan Pies from Texas [Source]
10. French Bread from France [Source]
11. Pizza from Europe [Source]
12. Golf Lessons made by RoboPutt [Source]
13. iPod as seen in a UK Airport [Source]
14. Video Games made by Best Buy [Source]
15. Ramen Noodles from Japan [Source]
16. 47-inch Touchscreen from Japan [Source]
17. T-Shirts from Japan [Source]
18. Wine from U.S. [Source]
19. Raw Meat from Spain [Source]
20. Umbrellas from Hong Kong [Source]
21. Soccer Balls from South Africa [Source]
22. Denim Jeans made by Closed [Source]
23. Medical Marijuana from Los Angeles [Source]
24. Bicycles from Japan [Source]
25. Neck Ties from Japan [Source]
26. Dog Washer from France [Source]
27. Business Cards from Japan [Source]
28. Rice from Japan [Source]
29. Super-sized Vending Machine from Belgium [Source]
30. Gold Nuggets from Las Vegas [Source]
31. Lots of Coffee from Japan [Source]
32. Pet Supplies made by Hey Buddy! [Source]
33. Lobsters from Japan [Source]
34. Sushi from Japan [Source]
35. Flowers made by TradeNet [Source]
36. Sex Toys from U.K. [Source]
37. Condoms from Japan [Source]
38. Batteries from Japan [Source]
39. Sneakers from U.K. [Source]
40. Gold Handcuffs and Bently as seen in Miami's Mondrian South Beach [Source]
41. Prayer Candles from Spain [Source]
42. Socks as from worldwide [Source]
43. Cigarettes from Japan [Source]

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