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Saturday, March 10, 2012

Jean “Moebius” Giraud dies at age 73

Highly influential French comic artist passes away
Jean "Moebius" Giraud
(1938 - 2012)
[Source: Nerdage] Mark Evanier is reporting the death of comic-book artist Jean Giraud, 73, who also worked under the name of Moebius.

“Moebius was a staggering talent and his career a model of high craft, push-the-boundaries experimentalism and attention to detail,” wrote Tom Spurgeon of The Comics Reporter on twitter. “Until his passing, Moebius was one of the tiny handful of artists that could be argued was our greatest living comics-maker. Segments of Moebius’ career were entire, formidable, sparkling careers. The collective wellspring of human imagination is poorer for Moebius’ passing, and better for his gifts; rest in peace.”

The French artist was among the world’s leading cartoonists, reaching acclaim in Europe, Japan and the United States. He created Lieutenant Blueberry, which became one of the pre-eminent European Western comics. He illustrated science fiction stories under the “Moebius” name.

Giraud co-founded “Metal Hurlant,” which featured his “The Airtight Garage.”  “Arzach” also began in the pages of “Metal Hurlant.” He also collaborated with Alejandro Jodorowsky on “The Incal,” among the properties that led to each of them being regarded as science fiction masters. 

American audiences may be most familiar with Moebius for his two-part “Silver Surfer” series created with Marvel’s Stan Lee in 1988.
Giraud also worked on storyboards for films including “Alien” and “Tron.”

Comic creators and fans responded on twitter.
“Moebius made art that inspired other artists, pushed the boundaries of the medium and imagination, and changed comics forever!” wrote artist Becky Cloonan.
“Sandman” writer Neil Gaiman shared his remembrances as well.
“RIP Jean Giraud who wrote and drew as Moebius. His art inspired me when I was 14, & his stories did too, because I didn’t understand them,” Gaiman wrote. “In Endless Nights, “Death in Venice” was written for Moebius to draw. He was too sick, so I wrote the last Destiny story for him, & hoped.”

J.M. DeMatteis added, “Moebius was one of a kind. His work was unique, inventive, mind-expanding and utterly magical. What a loss.”

Writer Joe Keatinge, who is bringing a European influence, among others, to his Image Comics work, shared his response on twitter as well.

“Very broken by the news of Jean “Moebius” Giraud’s passing,” Keatinge wrote. “My all-time favorite artist and massive inspiration. Thank you for everything.”
Find out more about the life and career of one of comics’ greats at Lambiek.
- Matt Price

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