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Saturday, June 22, 2013

Producing Parker - Animated Television Sitcom

(Parker Kovak: twenty-something, attractive, single, neurotic, producer)
  • Every once in a while, a show comes along that is offbeat, charming, and unabashedly naughty, and in these modern times, they're ingredients for a hit show, but yet it flies in under the radar totally missed by the mainstream audience only to be discovered a few years later after its series end. Such a show is Producing Parker. And it is worth checking out.
(The Cast: Dee, Simon, Massimo, Parker, and Blake)
  • Producing Parker is a Canadian animated television sitcom that debuted May 4, 2009 on TVtropolis. Episodes began airing on Global in fall 2009. The plot revolves around the behind-the-scenes antics of a female-targeted daytime television talk show, and stars Parker Kovak (Kristin Booth), the producer of "The Dee Show", and Dee (Kim Cattrall), its self-absorbed and high maintenance host. 
(Massimo the talking dog offers questionable advice to Parker's hectic love life)
  • Producing Parker gained some notoriety through its sexy main character often finding herself in compromising and extremely embarrassing situations where she is in various degrees of undress. The show's cast also includes Peter Keleghan and Aaron Abrams. Kim Cattrall was awarded a Gemini for "Best Performance in an Animated Program or Series" in 2010. 
(Parker meets the sexy intern, Chicago Hyatt. Yes, that's her name.)
  • The series was produced by Breakthrough Animation and ran for two consecutive seasons, ending in 2011. 
(What just happened?)
  • Characters
    Parker Kovak (Kristin Booth): The overworked, underpaid daytime talk show producer of The Dee Show. A kind-hearted but mildly neurotic woman in her late twenties. She is of Eastern-European descent.
    Dee (Kim Cattrall): The ageless, alcoholic, nymphomaniac, very glamorous and very high maintenance star of The Dee Show. She was raised by a family of cougars in the California mountains.
    Simon Nolan (Aaron Abrams): The left wing, slacker writer for The Dee Show, and Parker's good friend who has a relatively secret crush on her.
    Chicago Hyatt (Sarah Cornell): Parker's attractive, yet under-qualified "loose" blonde intern, as well as her unwitting confidant. She is also Blake's third cousin.
    Blake Bellamy (Peter Keleghan): The young, charming, absent-minded British station owner of Bellamy Broadcasting, and cousin of Chicago. Parker has a crush on him and he has, as he puts it, "some sort of feeling" for her.
    Massimo (Jamie Watson): Parker's talking dog, and her main companion. A refined cannine friend who enjoys the fine arts, good wine and endlessly chasing his own tail.
    Hal (David Huband): Handy man and operator on The Dee Show. Also known to be a contractor/olympic diver/dog groomer/ordained satanist minister.
    Russell (Jamie Watson): Dee's flamboyant, image-driven gay personal stylist and best friend.
    Victoria Lafayette (Karen LeBlanc): Victoria is the charitable host of The Victoria Show whom Dee sees as her arch-enemy and who once hired Parker as her producer. She runs several international charities. She physically resembles Queen Latifah and her personality is similar to Oprah's.
    Antique Annie (Julie Lemieux) She is the elderly host of an Antiques roadshow style show. In the episode "Dee Mother Load" it is hinted that she is Dee's biological mother.
    Dr. William Perry (Martin Roach): A chemist and relationship fidelity expert who is featured as a recurrent guest on The Dee Show and also acts as a de facto physician for the show's crew.
    James Hard (Peter Keleghan): Television news anchor of "Hard News Report"
    Jeremy: Chicago's friend and lover, and also works as the mail carrier of The Dee Show.

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