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Friday, May 1, 2020

Secret of Cerulaean Sand

Secret of Cerulean Sand is a 26-episode anime television series that ran in 2002. The main character is a 15-year-old English girl named Jane Buxton, who dreams of building a flying machine. The series documents her journey across the Near East to find her brother. It is set in the late 19th century where impossible technologies such as landships and "floating liquid" exist side by side in a steampunk world. 
The series is loosely based on two works by Jules Verne — his posthumous 1919 novel The Barsac Mission (L’√Čtonnante Aventure de la mission Barsac, consisting of two volumes—Book 1, Into the Niger Bend, and Book 2, City in the Sahara) as well as his 1896 novel Facing the Flag (Face au Drapeau).
Jane's mother dies when she is born, and her father, a rich English aristocrat, soon remarries to a woman with a son, William, who despises his new father and brother. George and Jane grow up with a dream to make a flying machine. George believes the distant Asian sands hold a secret: a mysterious cerulean sand that can make machines fly. He goes on an expedition to find it and soon is reported executed for treason. William disappears too. After she receives an unsigned letter holding a handful of pale-blue sand that floats in the air, Jane is sure her brother is alive and leaves to the East to find him and prove him innocent. There are many mysteries to unravel in store for Jane and her new friends on her journey. But perhaps a mystery should forever remain a mystery...

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