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Monday, April 1, 2024

"To me... my 90's X-men!"

90's X-MEN
"This is my 90's X-MEN - Retro Concept, where I portray through 'A.I.' what it would look like if they made a Hollywood A/B list X-MEN franchise back in the 90's."     - stryder HD

Mel Gibson: Wolverine
Tom Cruise: Cyclops
Ben Kingsley: Professor X
Christopher Lee: Magneto
Johnny Depp: Gambit
Angela Bassett: Storm
Sylvester Stallone: Cable
Michelle Pfeiffer: Emma Frost
Sam Neill: Hank McCoy/Beast
Julianne Moore: Jean Grey
Kate Beckinsale: Rogue
Heath Ledger: Angel
Jared Leto: Nightcrawler
Michael Clarke Duncan: Juggernaut
Arnold Schwarzenegger: Colossus
Dolph Lundgren: Sabretooth
Willem Dafoe: Toad
Leonardo Dicaprio: Ice Man
Stephen Dorff: Pyro
Laurence Fishburne: Bishop
Kate Winslet: Scarlet Witch

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