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Monday, July 8, 2024

How Bob Iger Destroyed Disney From the Inside...

"A great civilization is not conquered from without,
until it has destroyed itself from within."
They were hiring animators from Tumblr to do major Disney films, and so they ask, “do you have friends?” And so now they're bringing in their Tumblr Community into Disney and what happened then is this community of Tumblr artists became a faction within the company, and they began, basically, using their influence and their influence to push out all the old, white guys, and the ones that stayed behind, just like this gentleman, had for as long as he could until he realized that you know, “I was told when I started here 20 years ago that the sky was the limit but then 20 years into it things radically changed under Iger and the limit was lower than the sky.” For the people that left it's one thing, but for the people that stayed, just like Allan talked about in Film Threat, they were, “Hey shut up, go in the corner and if you say anything against the people that look a certain way, it might be taken as an istophobe remark, and you people were afraid to speak their minds like the veterans that were there, the people that had done it for 20-30 years, in some cases some cases, maybe even longer. This is how you know we've been doing this at Disney this way for a while, and it's worked well. Now suddenly, 10 years ago, they were looking at things changing internally to where there's the younger newer voices coming in that are in a lot of cases, they're taking over job positions inside Disney Studios. Even the IT department are walking in on day one taking over those positions to where people that had been there for 10-15 years, took them that long to get there inside of Disney and being told to, basically, just shut up. Not a real good work environment. That's one of the things he talked about was how the people that are still there know a lot of the employees there are walking around on eggshells. One of those guys was Don Hall, a longtime director at Disney Animation. He didn't do anything. It all went down when he was the co-director of Raya and Strange World, and where's he now? He's over at Skydance!
All of the older, more experienced artists were pushed out in favor
of the younger, less talented ones, who believed in the woke agenda.

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