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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Clone Wars - "Ghosts of Mortis"

Premiere Episode for Feb 11, 2011

The following press release, with comments from Anakin Skywalker voice actor Matt Lanter, and a still have also been released:

Anakin is Faced with the Ultimate Choice in the Final Chapter of an Epic Three-Part Clone Wars Arc – this Friday on Cartoon Network!

The Jedi remain stranded on Mortis, with Anakin Skywalker caught in an epic struggle between the light side and the dark side of the Force. As the Jedi prepare for a decisive confrontation, Anakin must face some shocking visions of his own future in “Ghosts of Mortis” – the climactic chapter in an epic, three-part Clone Wars storyline, airing at 8:30 p.m. ET/PT Friday, February 11 on Cartoon Network.

With the fate of the galaxy on the line and Anakin himself tempted by absolute power over the Force, The Clone Wars continues to put a stake in the ground – firmly establishing the series as essential viewing for a full understanding of the still-unfolding Star Wars canon. The Mortis trilogy is utterly central to the maelstrom of what’s yet to come, bringing Anakin’s terrible destiny to the fore. In “Ghosts of Mortis,” we see his inevitable seduction to the dark side – in smoke-shrouded visions of the future, but also in the burning fires of the here and now. Plagued by a nightmarish glimpse of what he will become, Anakin will take up arms against his best friend amidst the fires of Mortis…

(click to enlarge)
The Son seduces Anakin with visions of his future
in “Ghosts of Mortis,” an all-new episode of
Star Wars: The Clone Wars premiering at
8:30 p.m. ET/PT Friday, February 11 on Cartoon Network.
TM & © 2011 Lucasfilm Ltd. All rights reserved.

“The prophecy is finally playing out, front and center,” says Matt Lanter (90210, The Roommate), who voices Anakin in the series. “We are realizing that so many important events are being played out that will come to affect what happens in Revenge of the Sith. We see Anakin slowly becoming more independent, wanting more freedom and power. His relationships change. He has become even more of a leader, but may be questioning the Jedi leadership a little more. And it seems as if Anakin doesn’t trust [Obi-Wan] as much, and thinks he is actually holding him back.”

A transformative storyline in the trajectory of the series and the Saga as a whole, the Mortis trilogy explores wholly new ground – revealing the true nature of the Force as it’s never been seen before. At the very core of the story is Anakin – whose personal journey will ultimately define the galaxy.

“This is the Clone Wars at its best so far,” says Lanter. “These stories are such an important piece of not just the series, but Star Wars in general – and these are without a doubt the most trying and emotional episodes that we have seen Anakin deal with. He has to deal with visions of the past, saving his Padawan and risking the future all at the same time. It adds so much to the Saga and makes the events of the films that much more devastating.”

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