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Friday, July 7, 2023

Kathleen Kennedy STRIKES BACK!

Fireworks ERUPT at Disney Meeting
Over Box Office FAILURE of Indy 5!
After making a paltry $60 million at the box office domestically, Indy 5 appears to have dialed up a destiny of losing money, and Disney is extremely unhappy with the opening weekend grosses. My Hollywood spies, along with a walk-in source, claim that an emergency executive meeting was called, and that exchanges between Kathleen Kennedy and Bob Iger got very heated, with factions inside Disney and Lucasfilm trying to assign blame for this box office catastrophe. Here are details from a walk-in source, relaying to me the rumor that's spreading through the halls of Lucasfilm about what allegedly happened at that meeting, but of course as with all walk-in sources, take this with an extra teaspoonful of salt!
Bob Iger FURIOUS at KK Source Says!
KK deflects blame on EVERYONE else!

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