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Monday, July 3, 2023

What the heck is going on at Lucasfilm?

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Is the Failure of Indy 5 the Last Straw for Disney?
Can this Finally be the End of Kathleen Kennedy?
For years it has been wishful thinking that Kathleen Kennedy's tyrannical rule at Lucasfilm would finally come to an end, but time-after-time she has been able to evade the chopping block with her feminist head still intact. However, this time might be different. Kennedy's Indiana Jones 5 is bombing at the box office, and the financial repercussions might be her undoing. After a string of failed movies and intolerable TV shows, this may be the last straw for Disney. The following is a report by YouTuber, Overlord DVD:
A rumor erupted on Twitter that Kathleen Kennedy had been fired. This was news to me, I'd heard nothing about this, and yet people were contacting me about it asking questions, and yesterday Kathleen Kennedy was trending on Twitter, so I was intrigued, especially given the rumor I reported that in a private meeting Bob Iger had told Kennedy if Indy 5 didn't make $900 million there would be "consequences". It seems very clear to me that Indy 5 is NOT going to make a billion dollars, so I wondered: could this be Iger implementing those "consequences"? I was subsequently contacted by Kamran Pasha, and as it turns out, according to his source "Sparrow", bizarre things were happening at Lucasfilm yesterday, things that suggest there could be something to this rumor! Here is my conversation with Kamran Pasha as we examine the latest from the source code-named "Sparrow"! [Watch the Video]
 - Overlord DVD
"There is Chaos in the (Lucasfilm) Office!"
"Kathleen Kennedy's email is Suspended... User Not Found."
"Internal Calendar shows Kennedy on 2 weeks paid leave...
on the day of the Indy 5 Release."
"Five Horsemen of the Apocalypse sent to Investigate Lucasfilm."

All of these Coincidences may mean Nothing...
Only time will tell...

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