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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

COD-Con XV this April 9-11, 2010

The Animatrix Network will be part of the College of DuPage's Annual Sci-fi/Fantasy Gaming Convention: C.O.D-Con XV, which will be held on April 9-11, 2010.  The Anime Room will be available on Friday evening only. Click here for more info on the convention.

COD-Con Anime Viewing Schedule
Friday (ONLY), April 9, 2010
from 6:00 pm - 11:00 pm
Room: SRC 1480

6:00 pm -- Mars Daybreak (episode 1)
6:30 pm -- RahXephon (episode 1)
7:00 pm -- Gurren Lagann (Movie)
9:00 pm -- Five Star Stories (Movie)
10:00 pm -- Gundam Unicorn (episode 1)
11:00 pm -- CLOSE

6:00 pm – Mars Daybreak (episode 1)

The Mars Daybreak takes place in a future where Mars is covered in one massive ocean, except for the peak of Olympus Mons, with humans living in drifting city-ships. The Martian economy is based mostly on water, a readily available resource and the planet's main export. A cease fire in the Pan-Galactic war, however, has reduced demand for the export of water, driving the Martian economy into recession. The ocean-covered environment makes a perfect setting for commercial trade ships and pirates using submarines, who regularly raid the city-ships for supplies. The most renowned and feared of the pirate vessels is the Ship of Aurora, which makes a habit of reselling its booty cheap so that it can be redistributed to the less fortunate folk. The pirates pose such a problem that the Earth government, which controls Mars, dispatches elite units to deal with the threat of piracy. The use of specialized underwater mecha, called Round Bucklers, allows them to seek and engage their talented and very elusive prey. Ironically, one of the elite Round Buckler divers of the Earth Forces is an old friend of Gram, the main protagonist. Thus, the setting for Gram to team up with the crew of the Ship of Aurora is set. Soon after being fired from his most recent place of work, Gram is offered a job helping a smuggler steal goods from the military warehouses. He refuses, and instead finds himself going to the warehouse district to help a friend. During their escape, the Ship of Aurora attacks the city ship Adena. While in the process of saving his friend, Gram falls into the ocean. Gram is saved by a Round Buckler that appears, which seems to come for the pendant he wears. Gram would soon find that this pendant is a Mars Aborigine's artifact called the "Mark of the Chiefs." With a link to this mysterious Round Buckler, Gram is led into an association with the crew of the Ship of Aurora. (Source: Wikipedia)

6:30 pm – RahXephon (episode 1)

The backdrop of RahXephon is a fight against pan-dimensional invaders known as the Mulians, or Mu (ムー, Mū?). In appearance, the Mu are indistinguishable from humans. However, they carry a genetic marker called the "Mu phase" which makes their blood turn blue at a point in their maturity; this process also appears to cause memory loss. The story reveals that two floating cities appeared above Tokyo and Sendai around the end of 2012. The ensuing conflict escalated into nuclear warfare, and the Mu enveloped Tokyo and outlying suburbs within a spherical barrier resembling Jupiter, referred to as "Tokyo Jupiter" ("Tōkyō Jupita") by all those outside. The barrier has a dilatory effect on time, with time inside Tokyo Jupiter passing about one-fifth as fast as the outside time. Although RahXephon is part of the mecha genre of anime, its "mechas" are not generally mechanical. The mechas used by the Mu are called Dolems and are made of clay, like golems. Each is bound to a Mulian, and some are also bound to a human host called a "sub-Mulian". The overarching theme of RahXephon is one of music changing the world. The Dolems are animated by a quasi-mystical force that is connected to music; most of the controlling Mulians appear to be singing. A Dolem attacks while singing, and sometimes the attack is the song itself. The RahXephon can also attack by having its pilot — the "instrumentalist" — sing a note. This unleashes powerful forces (such as light-energy blasts or heat waves) that cause destruction on an apocalyptic scale. Each of the Mulian Dolems has an Italian name which references musical notation, such as Allegretto, Falsetto, or Vivace. The ultimate goal of the RahXephon is to "tune the world." (Source: Wikipedia)

7:00 pm -- Gurren Lagann (Movie)

Gurren Lagann takes place in a fictional future in which human beings have been forced under Earth's surface and live in isolated subterranean civilizations. These "villages" have no contact with the surface world or other villages. Giha Village, one of the underground villages, regularly experiences earthquakes; because these earthquakes damage infrastructure, the village must constantly extend deeper into the earth—individuals relegated to this task are known as "Diggers". Giha Village is the home of Simon, a fourteen-year-old digger who was orphaned when his parents were killed in an earthquake. Although Simon is respected by the village elders as the best of the diggers, he is ostracized by his peers. Simon discovers a special drill key deep in the ground and is soon recruited by an eccentric fellow orphan named Kamina into his group, the "Gurren Brigade". Kamina dreams of the surface world, which he once visited as a child, though he had to return home as he was too young to survive there. After a failed attempt at reaching the surface, Kamina is jailed by the village elder. Simon resumes digging, only to discover "a big face" deep in his tunnel. As he excitedly fetches Kamina to show him the discovery, Simon is also caught by the village elder. Kamina's punishment is interrupted by the collapse of the ceiling over Giha Village, as an enormous mecha falls into the cavern. A woman named Yoko appears and tries to repel the machine with a large rifle. Simon takes Kamina and Yoko to the "big face" he found earlier and discovers that the small drill key can be used to activate it. Named "Lagann", he uses it to destroy the invading mecha and effectively break through to the surface. Once on the surface, Simon and Kamina discover there are more large mechas known as "Gunmen" (piloted by "Beastmen") that terrorize the surface dwellers during the day. Simon and Kamina volunteer to help Yoko and her village; during the ensuing battle Kamina captures a gunmen and names it "Gurren" (meaning "crimson lotus"). Eventually, Simon and Kamina decide to embark on a journey to end the constant struggle between the Beastmen and humans, and are initially accompanied by Yoko and Leeron, a mechanic from Yoko's village. As they head out to find the headquarters of the Beastmen's Human Eradication Army, the group encounters various Beastmen warriors including the vicious beastman Viral. (Source: Wikipedia)

9:00 pm – Five Star Stories (Movie)

The Five Star Stories takes its name from the Joker Star Cluster where the stories take place. The star cluster is made up of four stars: Eastern, Western, Southern and Northern. The "fifth star" is a large comet named Stant that passes through that sector of space every 1,500 years pulling with it its own collection of orbiting planets. (Note that the term "Star Cluster" is somewhat inappropriate, considering that even the smallest real life clusters typically contain several hundred stars, although it may simply be that the "Five Stars" are the only ones out of a larger cluster that have planets. The Joker area is also frequently referred to as a galaxy, or even a constellation, although these descriptions are even less appropriate, constellations only being visible as such when observed from a distance. It is much more likely that Nagano Mamoru is simply unconcerned or unknowing of the minutiae of astrophysics. In the distant past the Farus Di Kanon Empire, now commonly known as the "Super Empire", controlled all 4 solar systems of the Joker Cluster. They enjoyed a level of technology much higher than is currently known and sent explorers to the far reaches of the Joker Galaxy. Around the year 9000 AD (Ammon Duul) the empire collapsed due to internal strife. The explorers were called home and what remained of civilization focused mainly on survival. Much technology and knowledge was lost by the time the imperial families of Amaterasu, Fillmore and Hathuha gathered and established the JC era. JC stands for "Joker Calendar" and was meant to give a common frame of reference to all nations to help foster a lasting peace. The JC calendar was adopted but the dream of peace was never realized. The first story of The Five Star Stories begins in JC 2988. At this time interstellar travel is common and genetically engineered "fatimas" are well established as necessary co-pilots of the fearsome mortar headds that dominate the battlefields. Warfare between nations is commonplace and few still hope for peace. Mortar Headds are the combat mainstays of the Joker Universe. They are mecha which require superhuman reflexes and skill to control, and are therefore only utilized by headdliners with Fatima copilots. Fatimas are humanoid creatures genetically engineered for a life of service on the battlefield. Fatimas are necessary copilots for mortar headds and mentally merge with the computer systems of these devastating machines to control weapons, communications and other vital processes. As such, Fatimas are designed to have computational skills rivaling any computer. (Source: Wikipedia)

10:00 pm – Mobile Suit Gundam Unicorn (episode 1)

It begins in U.C. 0001, at the very beginning of human space colonization, with the Laplace Incident, a major event that influences the course of human history forever. The main story takes place in U.C. 0096, three years after the events of Mobile Suit Gundam: Char's Counterattack. As the Anno Domini era comes to an end, Earth Federation Prime Minister Ricardo Marcenas prepares to usher in the new Universal Century on the space colony Laplace. In space, a young man named Syam Vist plant explosives on the colony’s exterior. Marcenas says that the old nations of Earth couldn’t work together to create solutions for mankind’s problems. The colony then explodes, followed by the terrorists’ escaping ship. Syam is tossed out into space during the explosion and catches a glimpse of something floating nearby: the Universal Century charter. In UC 0096, Cardeas Vist visits his aging grandfather Syam and reports that they’ll proceed with the plan. Syam says that the Earth Sphere can’t continue if they do nothing. He hopes that someone will be able to use Laplace’s Box. He then asks Cardeas if he can forgive him, and Cardeas answers that what they’re doing might end the world, so he’s the only one who can give forgiveness. In space, the camouflaged Neo Zeon remnant Sleeves ship Garencieres comes under fire from a Londo Bell Clop class cruiser. Captain Suberoa Zinnerman orders pilot Marida Cruz to launch in the Kshatriya and fend off the three chasing mobile suits. Marida deploys her funnels and quickly destroys two Jegans, but the Stark Jegan fires its bazooka with a scattering shot at her. The Stark Jegan then fires shoulder missiles, but Marida dodges them and launches more funnels. The Stark Jegan ejects its missile pods and moves into close range for a beam saber attack. Marida is able to push it away and cut it in half. At Side 4’s Industrial 7, 16-year-old Banagher Links practices with a Med mobile suit at the Anaheim Electronics Industrial Colony. Afterwards, he and his classmates listen to a lecture about the One Year War from their teacher, Bancroft. Bancroft criticizes the students for not paying attention and is informed that their shuttle has broken down. As the students travel through Bancroft’s Zeon museum, student Takuya Irei is impressed by an old Zaku II. (Source: Wikipedia)

11:00 pm -- CLOSE

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