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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Anime Viewing Schedule for January 14, 2012

Building K, Room 131, Noon to 8:00 pm
Saturday, January 14, 2012
Noon - 12:50   Dragon Crisis 11-12 (end)
12:50 - 1:40    Ano Hana 5-6
1:40 - 2:30     
Mirai Nikki (Future Diary) 5-6
2:30 - 3:20      Last Exile: Fam the Silver Wing 3-4
3:20 - 3:45      Fate/Zero 2
3:45 - 4:45      Club Meeting / Announcements
4:45 - 5:35      Gosick 18-19
5:35 - 6:00      Kamisama no Memo-chou 6       
6:00 - 8:00      Hoshi o Ou Kodomo

Noon - 12:50   Dragon Crisis 11-12 (end)
[Source: Wikipedia] A normal high school boy Ryūji Kisaragi's peaceful life is turned into an adventure by the return of his second cousin, Eriko, a sexy young woman with a penchant for adventure and trouble. Ryūji and Eriko seize a relic box from a black market broker named FANG. In the box, they find a red dragon girl whom Ryūji names Rose because of her rose like pattern on her left hand. In order to protect Rose from the black organization, Ryūji decides to fight using his power as a relic handler.
Episode 11 "Dragon Crisis": Rose's change in attitude continues even after a night's sleep. This in turn, much to Eriko's dismay, makes the couple awkward around each other. At school Rose tries to consult Misaki and Ryuji vaguely tries the same with Masato but to no avail. Rose's condition gets worse during PE, to the point where she collapses. She is transferred to the Society's Dragon Lab. Meanwhile Eriko and Bianca manage to capture Sapphie who had rerturned to regain her shoes that she had left behind. Questioning her reveals that Rose's condition is not normal and Sapphie herself does not understand what's going on. Onyx contacts Ryuji and reveals to him that the Dragon's Rite of Adult does not take effect with humans but only with dragon partners and that Rose's current condition is because Ryuji is not human but a Lost Precious with power over dragons called the "Dragon Crisis". If Ryuji continues to stay near Rose her condition will only worsen. Left with no choice, Ryuji hands Rose over to Onyx. More than two weeks later, Ryuji goes to and acts normal in school but Misaki realizes that Ryuji is hiding his own feelings. Later that night Maruga return to talk with Ryuji.
Episode 12 "Engage": Rose wakes up with no memories about her life with Ryuji and her friends. Not willing to take any chances, Onyx decides to leave Japan with her as soon as possible. Meanwhile, thanks to Maruga's counseling, Ryuji finally comes to terms with his feelings for Rose and together with all his friends, he sets to Haneda Airport to rescue her after being tipped off by Sapphie.

12:50 - 1:40  Ano Hi Mita Hana no Namae o Boku-tachi wa Mada Shiranai 5-6
[Source: Wikipedia] A group of six childhood friends drift apart after one of them, Meiko "Menma" Honma, dies in an accident. Several years after the incident, the leader of the group, Jinta Yadomi, has withdrawn from society and lives as a recluse. One summer day, the ghost of an older looking Menma appears before him and asks to have a wish granted, reasoning that she cannot pass on into the afterlife until it is fulfilled. Since Menma does not remember what her wish is, Jinta gathers his estranged friends together once again, believing that they are the key to resolving this problem. However, hidden feelings, internal conflicts, and lingering feelings of bitterness from Menma's parents result in complications for the group as they struggle to help not only Menma move on, but more importantly, themselves as well.  
Episode 05 "Tunnel": Atsumu blames himself for Menma's death, and Menma has Jinta tell him things that only she and Atsumu know of. Later, Chiriko explains how she caught onto his obsession with Menma. Atsumu recalls ten years ago, when he confessed to Menma shortly after Jinta ran off, only to be rejected. Meanwhile, Jinta wonders why he hasn't been so focused on fulfilling Menma's wish lately. The next day, Naruko goes to a karaoke bar with her friends, when a boy forces her to a love hotel. She is saved by the timely arrival of Atsumu. On the train ride home, Atsumu asks Naruko about her feelings for Jinta. She is conflicted whether or not she 'likes' him. Meanwhile, Tetsudō tells Jinta his theory that Menma is around because she couldn't ascend to Heaven, but this just makes her upset.
Episode 06  "Forget It, Don't Forget": Trying to figure out Menma's wish, Jinta decides to make his long-delayed return to school. However, his return is overshadowed over rumours about Naruko having been spotted at a love hotel. As Naruko becomes noticeably upset by all the nasty gossip surrounding her, Jinta stands up for her, and both leave class right away. With Naruko troubled about her parents hearing about the news, she decides to stay at the secret base. Hoping if there are any clues to what Menma's wish might be, Jinta, Naruko and Tetsudō visit Menma's house to pay their respects, where they meet her mother, who gives them Menma's diary, which they agree to read the next day. When Jinta mentions the visit to Menma, she becomes upset as she wanted her mother to forget about her so that she wouldn't be sad. Jinta in turn yells at her for never thinking of herself and runs off.

1:40 - 2:30    Mirai Nikki (Future Diary) 5-6
[Source: Wikipedia] Yukiteru "Yuki" Amano is a loner who never really interacts with people and prefers writing a diary on his cell phone with his only companion being an imaginary friend named Deus Ex Machina, the God of Time and Space. However, Yuki soon learns that Deus is real when he makes Yuki participate in a battle royal with eleven other people. Within this "Diary Game", the contestants are given special diaries that can predict the future, with each diary having unique features that gives them both advantages and disadvantages. Within the next 90 days, the contestants must try to kill each other and survive until there is only one person standing, the winner becoming the new God of Time and Space. In order to survive, Yuki tries to find allies, with one of them being another diary user named Yuno Gasai, a girl who is madly in love with him. As the game continues, Yuki soon learns that not everyone can be trusted, not even Yuno, whose obsession to keep both of them alive no matter the cost terrifies him. Yet despite her faults, Yuki continues to trust Yuno since he manages to survive the game thanks to her. Originally, Yuki had no desire to win the game and stoop as low as the other contestants who either cheat, lie, manipulate or kill in order to win. However, that all changes when late in the game, Yuki's parents are killed. Yuki suffers a breakdown over his parents death until Yuno seduces and convinces him that if he becomes the new God of Time and Space, he can bring his parents back to life. Now having a reason to win, Yuki becomes a ruthless, backstabbing, and manipulative terrorist who causes the deaths of thousands of civilians and destruction throughout the city in order to kill the other contestants. Yuki's actions shock his friends, in particular Aru Akise, who had suspicions about Yuno and her motives. By the time Yuno and Yuki becomes the last contestants, Aru and the rest of Yuki's friends chastis him on how he has become just as bad as the other contestants. Aru tries to warn Yuki that Yuno is manipulating him and that she has an ulterior motive. Refusing to accept the truth and wishing to bring his parents back, Yuki kills them until Aru manages to stop him and gives Yuki a clue over Yuno's true identity before he is killed by Yuno herself. Eventually, Yuki learns that the Yuno he known is actually an "impostor" as this "Yuno" is actually from a parallel universe who won the Diary Game. In that universe, Yuno and Yuki were the last contestants and Yuki committed suicide so that Yuno will be the new God and resurrect him. But Yuno became distraught and more insane when she learns that while she can resurrect the dead, she cannot bring back their souls. With the help of Muru Muru, Deus' assistant and now Yuno's after she won the Diary game, both of them travel back in time to Yuki's universe and manipulated it where she killed the Yuno of Yuki's universe and took her place so she could play the game again and find a way to bring back "her" Yuki. As Yuno is about to kill him, Yuki is saved by Minene Uryu, one of his allies and another Diary user who he believed died in the game but was saved by Deus, who had suspicions that the Muru Muru in his universe is not the one he knows but the one from the parallel universe working with Yuno, and gave Minene some of his powers before his death. Their plans foiled, Yuno and Muru Muru travel to another universe to start over again but are followed by Yuki and Minene who are trying to stop them. Finally, Yuno and Muru Muru are stopped when the former learns in this new universe, all the terrible things that happen to everyone in the previous universes never happen including one where her parents were never abusive and lead to her insanity. With Yuno's Muru Muru stopped by Yuki's universe's Muru Muru and the help of the new universe's Diary users, Yuki convinces Yuno to come to her senses and surrender as he loves her. Realizing her mistakes, Yuno instead kills herself, believing this is the best for him and making Yuki the new God of his universe. In the end, despite becoming the new God of Time and Space, Yuki refuses to rule his universe as he has lost everything that he ever loved and cared; his friends, parents and Yuno. But in an unexpected Deus ex machina, the Yuno of the new universe arrives and invites Yuki to her universe as Yuki's Muru Muru had given Yuno and the others of the new universe their other universes memories which convinced that universe's Deus not to hold the Diary game and instead make Yuki and Yuno his new heirs. The series ends with Yuki reuniting with Yuno, his friends, parents and the Diary users in a new, happier universe.
Episode 05  "Voice Memo": Yomotsu appears before the fleeing Yuki, Yuno and Tsubaki with four hypnotised cult members dressed like him. Yomotsu explains that his Righteous Diary led him to infiltrate the Sacred Eye cult and that he intends to blow himself and Tsubaki up. Having learned from Keigo that Yomotsu is blind, Yuno manages to tell him apart from the others and kill him. Tsubaki then captures Yuki and Yuno, revealing her plan was to kill them, Keigo and Yomotsu all along. Due to her traumatic past as a ritual rape victim, Tsubaki wishes to attain Deus' power in order to remake the world. Yuno manages to kill her captors, cut off Tsubaki's hand and hand Yuki her diary before collapsing from exhaustion. Using both diaries, Yuki manages to avoid detection, until Tsubaki tries to lure him out by announcing that her followers will rape and kill Yuno. Realising Yuno's devotion to him, Yuki gathers his courage and manages to reach Yuno on time, but Tsubaki gloats that as long as he's in sight of her followers, his actions will be predicted in her diary. Yuki throws a small ball he found earlier up in the air, causing all of Tsubaki's followers to look at it and rendering her diary useless. Yuki then throws a dart at Tsubaki's diary, and since she is missing a hand, she is unable to deflect the shot. With her diary pierced, Tsubaki vanishes and Yuki and Yuno escape. Meanwhile, Uryu, who was released by Yomotsu, gets captured by Keigo, but he eventually lets her go in return for her contact information.
Episode 06  "Vibrate Mode": Knowing from her diary that Yuki's mother is coming home from abroad, Yuno breaks into Yuki's house with the intention of introducing herself to Yuki's mother. Despite Yuki's efforts, his mother and Yuno meet and take a liking to each other. That night, Yuno reveals to Yuki that her diary predicts they will "come together" on a certain date and tells him she will do anything to make sure that future comes to pass. The next day, Yuki's mother brings home Reisuke Houjou, a young boy whose parents were killed at the Sacred Eye incident. Despite his young age and precocious demeanor, Reisuke is a Future Diary owner, plotting Yuno's death.

2:30 - 3:20    Last Exile: Fam the Silver Wing 3-4
[Source: Wikipedia] Taking place two years after the events of Last Exile, Last Exile: Fam, The Silver Wing is set on Earth, the original home world of the colonists of Prester. The new story focuses on Fam Fan Fan and Giselle Collette, two vespa pilots who work as Sky Pirates where they capture and sell battleships for a living. Fam and Giselle get into an adventure when they and the Sky Pirates rescue the Princesses of the Turan Kingdom, Liliana il Grazioso Merlo Turan and her younger sister, Millia Il Velch Cutrettola Turan, from the clutches of mighty Ades Federation. Led by Empress Sārā Augusta and Premier Luscinia Hāfez, the Ades Federation is on an all out war against the nations who are descendants of immigrants who came back to Earth by Exile ships. As Ades was the only nation to stay on Earth when the planet was in state of chaos and ruined, Luscinia believes the immigrants of Exile have no right to return to Earth since their ancestors abandoned Earth when it was in chaos only to return when Earth was viable to live on again and force the original inhabitants of Earth off their lands to form their own nations. To return these lands to their original inhabitants, Luscinia leads the Ades Federation to conquer the immigrant nations and destroy their armies with Turan being one of them. After Luscinia kidnaps Liliana, who has the ability to control an Exile, Luscinia summons an Exile to destroy the capital of Turan, killing its soldiers and the King of Turan, leading to Turan surrendering to Ades. With everything she cared for lost, Millia is given refuge by the Sky Pirates where Fam promises to help Millia regain her kingdom.
Episode 03  "Light Square": The Ades battle fleets defeat the battle fleets of Notos and Luscinia reports the surrender of Turan to the Ades Federation child Empress, Sara Augusta. Sara wishes to the conquer and regain the lands for it's original inhabitants who's ancestors were driven out and taken by immigrants of Exiles like Turan, telling Luscinia and his Generals to continue their work including finding all of the keys to the Exiles. At the Sky Pirates fortress Kortoffel, Millia blames Fam for not rescuing Liliana and is upset in seeing Lasas sold and turn into scrap metal. When Millia causes a commotion trying to ride Fam's Vespa to regain her sister's chalice that was bought a Sky Pirate, Fam, feeling sorry for her, helps Millia get the chalice back. Meanwhile, Millia's butler Teddy is invited into Giselle's family home where she explains the Sky Pirates are refugees who were forced off their lands by Ades because they were descendents of Exile immigrants. After finally getting back the chalice and returning home, Fam tells Millia her past revealing she was an orphan adopted by Atamora after surviving a vanship crash whens she was a baby and her dream to see the return and win the Grand Race of vanships when the world was still at peace. Arriving at Kortoffel, the residents perform “Okuribi”, a candlelight ritual to honor those who died in battle and return their souls to the skies. Watching this, Millia apologizes to Fam and vows to change herself. After Millia gets a haircut by Giselle, Dio informs everyone that the mysterious battleship Silvius has been spotted which Fam plans to steal.
Episode 04  "Dubious Move": Fam plans to steal the infamous ghost battleship, the Silvius for Millia to regain her kingdom. After discussing what type of ship the Silvius is with Dio and Giselle, they conclude the ship is a hit and run aircraft carrier. On the day of the operation, Fam, Giselle and several Vespa pilots ride off to the Silvius with Millia and Teddy tagging along on Dio's vanship. After tricking the Silvius to head into a valley, Fam gives a message to the crew of the Silvius to surrender. But the Silvius, commanded by Tatiana and her executive officer Alister, ignores Fam's message and moved on. Fam and the Sky Pirates try to stop the ship using various tricks but none of them work on the Silvius which at one point Tatiana herself chases off Fam and Giselle with her red vanship while her vanship pilots capture Fam's crew. With the Silvius escaping to the Grand Lake, Fam and Giselle take a desperate gamble by sneaking into the Silvius but realize too late to learn that the room they just enter was a waterlock, revealing the Silvius is also a submersible ship. Fam and Giselle are brought to the bridge to meet Tatiana and Alister where Tatiana ridicules Fam for trying to steal the Silvius. Nevertheless, Tatiana offers to free Fam and Giselle if she helps the Silvius steal 15 Ades battleships intact. Fam accepts her offer after Tatiana mocks Fam that she can't do it, just as Dio, Millia and Teddy arrive at the bridge.

3:20 - 3:45   Fate/Zero 2
[Source: Wikipedia] Fate/zero takes place 10 years prior to the events of Fate/stay night, detailing the events of the 4th Holy Grail War in Fuyuki City.[1] The War of the Holy Grail is a contest in which seven magi summon seven Heroic Spirits to compete to obtain the power of the "Holy Grail," which grants a miracle. After three inconclusive wars for the elusive Holy Grail, the Fourth War commences. Founded by the Einzbern, Matō, and Tōsaka families centuries ago, the Einzbern family is determined to achieve success after three successive failures, no matter the cost. As a result, they have elected to bring the hated magus killer, Kiritsugu Emiya, into their ranks, despite his methods and reputation as a skilled mercenary and a hitman who employs whatever he can use to accomplish his goals. Though Kiritsugu had once wanted to become a hero who could save everyone, he has long since abandoned this ideal upon realizing that saving one person comes at the cost of another's life. For the sake of humanity, he will ruthlessly destroy anything and anyone who threatens the peace of others. However, Kiritsugu finds himself deeply torn between the love he has found for his new family - his wife Irisviel and their daughter Illya - and what he must do to obtain the Holy Grail. Meanwhile, Kiritsugu's greatest opponent appears in the form of Kirei Kotomine, a priest who cannot find any sense of fulfillment in his life and sets his sights on Kiritsugu as the possible answer to the emptiness he feels.
Episode 02  "False Start": Waver has a hard time commanding his servant Rider, who is actually Alexander the Great, as Rider is more interested how the world has changed since his time and wants to return to Macedonia and conquer the world once he wins the War. Rider assures Waver that he is reliable by summoning Gordius Wheel, a magical ox-drawn chariot. In Germany, Kiritsugu is playing with his daughter Ilya while Iri and Saber are watching them. Saber is surprised to see this side of Kiritsugu since she assumes he was cold hearted and was upset upon learning she was a woman but Iri tells him what actually upset Kiritsugu was that Saber was forced to become the King of Britain at a young age and accepted her fate. Still, Saber admires Kiritsugu and Iri's wishes to save the world as she also wishes to save Britain when she failed to do at her time. In Fuyuki City, serial killer Ryūnosuke Uryū has murdered a family except a young boy to summon a demon, becoming a Master and summoning the servant Caster. Impressed, Uryū gives Caster the young boy as a sacrifice but Caster let's the boy go. However it is revealed to be a ruse as just when the boy thinks he can escape, Caster viciously kills him by a horrific creature, revealing Caster enjoys giving his victims a moment of hope before horrifically killing them. Uryū is overjoyed to meet someone as sadistic as him and vows to follow Caster anywhere which Caster reveals he use to be called Bluebeard. Upon learning the Seventh and final Master has been chosen, Kirei orders Assassin to kill Tokiomi at his mansion, only for Assassin to end up being killed by Tokiomi's servant, Archer, while attempting to break inside.

3:45 - 4:45    Club Meeting and Announcements
Wishing Everyone a Wonderful New Year!
-  Preview of New Anime this Season
-  Animation News from around the world
-  Cosplayers/Skits/Masquerade
-  Anime Music Videos
-  And other weird, interesting stuff...

4:45 - 5:35    Gosick 18-19
[Source: Wikipedia] Gosick takes place in 1924 in a small, French-speaking fictional European country of Sauville. The story centers on Kazuya Kujo, the third son of a Japanese Imperial soldier, who is a transfer student to St. Marguerite Academy, where urban legends and horror stories are all the rage. There he meets Victorique, a mysterious yet beautiful and brilliant girl who never comes to class and spends her days reading the entire content of the library or solving mysteries that even detectives can't solve. The series mostly focuses on Kazuya and Victorique getting involved in different mystery cases and their struggle to solve them, at the same time forming important bonds with different people. 
Episode 18  "The Jet-Black Train Carries Several Lies": Having escaped from the flood, Victorique, Kujo and the rest of the passengers of the Masquerade Express find themselves involved into a bloody contest for an elusive item that can shake the balance of power between the Academy and the Ministry of Science.
Episode 19  "The Rose Colored Life is Buried Under Fresh Snow": Kujo leaves to the capital to find a present to Victorique's birthday which coincidentally is on Christmas day. Meanwhile, Victorique receives a message from her mother and starts looking for Kujo without success until she is summoned by her father and taken by Grevil to the capital to solve the greatest mystery of the country, which involves its previous queen, Coco Rose, whose life is being reenacted in a play at the Phantom Theater.

5:35 - 6:00    Kamisama no Memo-chou 6
[Source: Wikipedia] Narumi Fujishima is an ordinary high school boy who remains isolated from his fellow classmates. One afternoon fellow classmate Ayaka Shinozaki invites Narumi to join the gardening club and introduces him to a reclusive detective named Alice. Alice hires Narumi as an assistant and puts him to work solving the strange mysteries of Angel fix, an illegal drug. Little does he know it could put him and Ayaka in serious trouble. Alice is a mysterious girl who lives on the third floor over Hanamaru ramen shop. Her age is unknown, but looks like a 12 or 13 years-old girl. She is short, pale white and has long black hair. She calls herself Alice (a mixed reading of the kanji for Yūko) and a "NEET Detective". She is a hikikomori and a cracking genius. Her diet is based practically only on Dr Pepper and she suffers a severe insomnia. She always wears bear patterned pajamas and she is always surrounded by a pile of teddy bears. She is the brain of the NEET Detective Team and gathers information to solve the cases with her laptop without stepping out of her bedroom.
Episode 6  "It Seems Like I'll Lose": During summer vacations Yondaime is organizing an event and Narumi helps with the promotion of the band. But the other founder of Hirasaka-gumi, the man who gave it its name, has returned to Tokyo. It seems something had happened between Hirasaka and Yondaime. Hirasaka acts friendly towards Narumi but then mobilizes a group to impersonate Hirasaka-gumi and blacken its name, endangering the realization of the event.

6:00 - 8:00    Hoshi o Ou Kodomo
[Source: Wikipedia] Asuna Watase is a young girl who has been forced to grow-up quickly due to the death of her father and her mother, a nurse works long shifts at the hospital. Asuna spends her solitary days listening to the mysterious music emanating from the cat's whisker receiver her father gave to her as a memento. One day while walking to her clubhouse across a bridge she is attacked by a fearsome creature and saved by a mysterious boy who calls himself Shun. Shun tells Asuna not to come back but comes back the next day to find Shun expecting her. Asuna heals Shun's wound from fighting the creature and later they both listin to Asuna's radio. Shun tells Asuna he is from a another country called Agartha who come to this place to find something. He then gives Asuna a blessing in the form a kiss and kisses her on the forehead. Asuna shocked at this hurridly leaves and tells Shun she'll be back tomorrow. Shun now alone looks at the stars and tries to reach them but falls from the ledge to his death. The next morining Asuna hears from her mother that a boy was found dead in the river, but refuses to beleve it's Shun. In school Mr. Morisaki, a substitute teacher is giving lecture on a book which grabs Asuna attention when he mentions Agartha, the land of the dead. After school she visits Morisaki's house and asks him about Agartha. Morisaki explains that long ago when human-kind was young they needed the guidance of Quetzal Coatls, the keepers of the dead until human matured and no longer needed them, so they went underground along a few human who joined them. Morisaki tells Asuna to go strait-home but insted goes to her hideout to find another mysterious boy who looks like Shun standing on the ledge. Just then a group of armed men which the boy calls the Arch Angels appeare and attack the both of them. The Arch Angels' commander captures Asuna and uses a crystal called the clovis to open a gateway. The commander and Asuna enter the gateway followed by the boy. Once inside the commander reveals himself to be Morisaki and the boy also reveals himself to be Shin, Shun's younger brother and asks Morisaki to state his business. Morisaki tells him that all he wants is to bring back his late wife from the dead. Shin put's away his knife and leaves Asuna and Morisaki. Morisaki explains to Asuna that the Arch Angels are a group that has bin searching for Agartha, the land of the dead for it's knowledge and wealth but all he wants is to reserect his wife. He tells Asuna that she can go back but she decides to accompany him. They both enter the realm of via an underwater entrance. Once inside they go on a journey to the Gate of Life and Death which can bring back the souls of people back from the dead. Along the way Asuna is kidnapped by a race of monsters called the Itzous, in their hideout she meets a young girl named Mana and they both try to escape. In their escape attempt they encounter Shin who helps them escape but is wounded by an Itzou. Morisaki finds Asuna and Mana down the river as well as Shin. Shin haven woke-up tries to kill Morisaki by order of his village as well as to retrieve a clovis crystal that belongs to Asuna. However he is to weak to put-up a fight and Morisaki esally defeats him. Asuna convinces Morisaki to take him with them and Mana leads them to her village, Amaurot. Once their the villagers at first are very hostle tword the "topdwellers" but the village elder convinces them to let them in. The elder lets them stay at his home and during his stay Morisaki and the elder get into an argument about his quest to the Gate of Life and Death. Meanwhile Asuna checks up on Shin but Shin tells her to leave him alone. The next moring Asuna and Morisaki depart from Amaurot, Shin wakes up later and after seeing the villagers riding away to kill them he decides to follow them in order to protect Asuna. Morisaki and Asuna are climing walking twords highland when they are attacked by the villagers but they are saved by Shin. Morisaki decides to take the distraction to his advantage and carries Asuna up to the highlands. Once their they come upon a cliff but Asuna being to scared to clime down stays back while Morisaki climes down leaving her. Meanwhile Shin fighting against the villagers is about to be killed when the villagers sense that the clovis crystal has reached the Gate of Life and Death and leave Shin to die, but Shin still strong is able to get away from the area. Asuna, now alone is walking aimlessly and asking her self why she came to Agartha and finally accepts that she came to Agartha because she was feeling lonely. She is then attacked by the Itzous but saved by Shin. Asuna and Shin return to the cliff after seeing a flying ark decend their and encounter a Quetzal Coalt about to die. Before they die the Quetzal Coalts sing a song and Asuna discovers where mysterious music she listins to comes from. Shin and Asuna are taken to the bottom of the cliff by the Quetzal Coalt but while they fall the Quetzal Coalt dies. Now at the bottom of the cliff they both find the Gate of Life and Death and enter it. Inside they find Morisaki who tells Asuna she shouldn't have come and she is soon possessed by Lisa, Morisaki's late wife. Shin angerlly tries to destroy the clovis crystal but Morisaki not wanting to lose his wife again tries to kill him. However Shin is able to destroy the the crystal but before she is taken away Lisa tells Morisaki to find happiness without her. Asuna is now back to her normal self but Morisaki is devastated and asks Shin to kill him but tells him that he has to live. The film ends with Asuna, Shin and Morisaki heading back to the surface.

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