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Friday, March 30, 2012

CODCON Gaming Convention, April 20-22, 2012

CODCON is the annual gaming convention and fundraiser of the College of DuPage Sci-fi/Fantasy Club. This will be the club's 17th convention which will be held at the Turner Conference Center, SRC 2800, starting on April 20th 2012 at 6 PM and ending on April 22nd 2012 at 6 PM. We are excited to bring gamers a great time! 

The theme for this year is: "Con of the Dead."

Go to the CODCON website for more info:

The Animatrix Network Anime Fan Club will be running the Anime Room at CODCON. We will also be having a MASQUERADE on Saturday, April 21, at 8 pm. All cosplayers are welcome to attend!

Come join us for a weekend of gaming and anime! 

FRIDAY, APRIL 20, 2012
7:00 pm - 7:50 pm       Highschool of the Dead 1-2
8:00 pm - 8:50 pm       Ghost Hunt 1-2
9:00 pm - 9:50 pm       Supernatural the Anime Series 1-2

11:00 am - 11:50 am   Highschool of the Dead 3-4
Noon - 12:50 pm         Soul Eater 1-2
1:00 pm - 2:55 pm      Summer Wars [Movie] 
3:00 pm - 3:50 pm       Black Butler 1-2
4:00 pm - 4:50 pm       Ghost Hunt 3-4
5:00 pm - 6:40 pm       REDLINE (102 mins)
7:00 pm - 8:00 pm       Mobile Suit Gundam Unicorn ep. 1
8:00 pm - 9:00 pm       Masquerade
9:00 pm - 10:30 pm     Zombie Hunter Rika (Live-Action Movie)

SUNDAY, APRIL 22, 2012
11:00 am - 11:50 am    Highschool of the Dead 5-6
Noon - 12:50 am          Soul Eater 3-4    
1:00 am - 2:00 pm        Mobile Suit Gundam Unicorn ep. 2
2:00 pm - 3:35 pm        Bleach: Fade to Black [Movie]
4:00 pm - 4:50 pm        Black Butler 3-4 

FRIDAY, APRIL 20, 2012
7:00 pm - 7:50 pm     Highschool of the Dead 1-2
Episode One: At the beginning of the semester, Takashi Komuro has a falling out with his childhood friend Rei Miyamoto. When he goes outside to mope, he witnesses a zombie attack at the front of the school. Takashi goes to warn Rei and his best friend Hisashi, who is dating Rei, and escapes with them just before news of the attack spreads across the school, causing panic. The three run into a zombie that bites Hisashi in the arm before Takashi kills it by smashing its head. They barricade themselves on the rooftop to witness Self-Defense Force helicopters flying in to combat the zombie outbreak in the city, oblivious to the carnage in the school. Hisashi begins succumbing to his injury and Takashi is forced to kill him, despite Rei's objections. Rei insults Takashi, and he almost leaves to face them alone. After she apologizes, Rei and Takashi embrace briefly.
Episode Two: As two other survivors, Saya Takagi and Kohta Hirano, try to avoid the zombies, Rei tries to contact her father, who tells her the city is in complete chaos before being cut off. Meanwhile, kendo club president Saeko Busujima saves the school nurse, Shizuka Marikawa, from more zombies. Kohta manages to piece together a nailgun, while Takashi and Rei manage to stop the zombies on their end. As Kohta runs out of ammo and Saya starts to buckle under the pressure, the other survivors join them to take out the zombies. As they make plans to journey to Takashi's house to check on the safety of their families, they learn that the outbreak is much worse than they thought.

8:00 pm - 8:50 pm     Ghost Hunt 1-2
Ghost Hunt follows the ghost hunting adventures of Mai Taniyama, a first year high school student, who becomes involved with the Shibuya Psychic Research Center (SPR) and its young manager, Kazuya Shibuya. Mai nicknames Kazuya Shibuya "Naru" because of his narcissistic attitude, and the nickname is generally adopted by all those who come to eventually work with SPR: a Buddhist monk, Houshou Takigawa; a shrine maiden, Ayako Matsuzaki; a famous psychic, Masako Hara; and Catholic Priest, John Brown. Ghost Hunt also explores the paranormal abilities of the characters, particularly focusing on Mai's "latent psychic abilities," demonstrated by her dreaming about information relevant to their cases. She is often joined in her dreams by someone who she assumes to be Naru acting as a spirit guide, but who is later revealed to be someone quite unexpected.
Episode One: Mai meets Naru while exchanging ghost stories with her friends, and learns her school principal has hired him to investigate an allegedly haunted school building. Mai later causes the injury of Naru's assistant and is forced to stand in as a temporary replacement. The principal also brings in several exorcists and mediums, and more help arrives in the form of a classmate of Mai's, who claims to have the ability to sense spirits.
Episode Two: Each member of the team proposes a different theory as to what is responsible for the odd occurrences. After collecting data overnight, Naru begins to doubt the presence of any spirits and instead theorizes that land subsidence is the cause of all the ghostly activity. Mai's classmate, Kuroda, fiercely insists that a poltergeist is at work, and evidence appearing to support her idea soon arises.

9:00 pm - 9:50 pm     Supernatural the Animation Series 1-2
Episode One: The Alter Ego
From Supernatural Season One – Episode Six – “Skin”
Originally titled “Skin” a demonic shape-shifter commits a gruesome murder. When the brothers investigate, the being borrows Dean’s form to continue its killing spree.
Episode Two: Roadkill
From Supernatural Season Two – Episode Sixteen – “Roadkill”
A woman named Molly and her husband are driving down the highway and swerve to miss a farmer who’s walking down the road. Their car hits a tree and when Molly wakes up her husband is missing. Sam and Dean discover Molly and find out that the farmer haunts the highway and Molly is most likely his next victim. Sam and Dean set off to stop the farmer before he can claim her.

11:00 am - 11:50 am     Highschool of the Dead 3-4
Episode Three: The survivors are shocked to learn that the zombie pandemic has spread worldwide. After encountering another group of survivors, Takashi tests a theory on avoiding the zombies based on how they can only react to sound. However, when one of the survivors accidentally makes a sound, they have to fight through a horde on the way to the bus, losing some survivors in the process. When they spot another group of survivors approaching, Rei recognizes one of the teachers, Mr. Shido, and is hesitant about letting him on board. After breaking out of the school, Rei becomes defiant about Shido appointing himself as the leader and runs off the bus. As Takashi goes after her, a bus filled with zombies crashes and traps them in a tunnel, forcing them to meet up with the other survivors later. After defeating a biker zombie, Takashi and Rei find its motorbike and head towards the city.
Episode Four:  A recap of the past events are shown from Takashi's perspective. After the recap, Takashi and Rei continues moving through the city, until they encounter a police car. With the occupants dead, Rei searches the vehicle and gathers an Expandable baton, a revolver and some bullets. Later they start to run out of gas, and stop at a gas station. As Takashi goes to a cash register nearby to operate the gas pump, Rei is attacked by an insane survivor, who holds her hostage and sexually gropes her. Takashi quickly shoots him point-blank, allowing Rei to break free. With their bike refueled, Takashi and Rei begin moving again as they leave the survivor to die in the hands of the incoming zombies.

Noon - 12:50 pm     Soul Eater 1-2
Soul Eater is set at Death Weapon Meister Academy (死神武器職人専門学校 Shinigami Buki Shokunin Senmon Gakkō)—"DWMA" (死武専 Shibusen) for short—located in the fictional Death City in Nevada, United States. The school is run by Shinigami, also known as Death, as a training facility for humans with the ability to transform into weapons, as well as the wielders of those weapons, called meisters. Attending this school are meister Maka Albarn and her scythe partner Soul Eater; ninja Black Star and his partner Tsubaki Nakatsukasa, who can turn into a variety of different weapons such as a kusarigama, shuriken, and ninjatō; and Shinigami's son Death the Kid and his pistol partners Liz and Patty Thompson. The goal of the school's meister students is to have their weapons defeat and absorb the souls of 99 evil humans and one witch, which will dramatically increase the power of the given weapon and turn them into "death scythes", weapons capable of being used by Shinigami.
Episode One: Meister Maka Albarn and her weapon partner Soul Eater have collected ninety-nine kishin eggs, souls of evil humans on the verge of transforming into demon gods called kishin, and only need the soul of a witch to turn Soul into a death scythe. The two seek out the witch Blair, who frequently gets the better of them and tries to seduce Soul. During a battle, Soul tricks Blair into thinking he wants to abandon Maka and become her weapon, allowing Maka to take her soul. Unfortunately, nothing happens when Soul eats it, as Blair turns out to be a magical cat rather than a witch and had merely lost one of her nine souls. All the souls Maka and Soul collected are confiscated, forcing them to start over.
Episode Two: Following a failed attempt at collecting the ninety-nine souls of mobster Al Capone and his men, assassin Black Star and his weapon Tsubaki track them down to the residence of the witch Angela, only to find they have all been killed by Angela's bodyguard Mifune. Black Star fights Mifune, but is easily beaten due to his lack of skill as an assassin. When Mifune insults him, however, Black Star accuses him of trying to upstage him and successfully utilizes a surprise attack that defeats him. However, Black Star decides not to kill him or Angela once he discovers the witch to be a helpless young girl. In addition, he declines collecting the mobsters' souls since he himself did not defeat them.

1:00 pm - 2:55 pm     Summer Wars [Movie] 
Kenji Koiso (Ryunosuke Kamiki) is a young high school student with a gift in mathematics and a part-time moderator in the massive computer-simulated virtual reality world OZ along with his friend Takashi Sakuma (Takahiro Yokokawa). After Natsuki Shinohara (Nanami Sakuraba) invites him to participate in the 90th birthday of Sakae Jinnouchi (Sumiko Fuji), her great-grandmother, Kenji travels with her to Sakae's estate in Ueda. While there, Natsuki introduces Kenji as her fiancé to Sakae. Kenji meets several of Natsuki's relatives and discovers that the Jinnouchi family are descendants of a samurai who challenged the Tokugawa clan in 1615. He also meets Wabisuke Jinnouchi (Ayumu Saitō), Natsuki's half-granduncle and a computer expert who has been living in America for 10 years. Kenji receives an e-mail with a mathematical code and cracks it. Love Machine, an artificial intelligence in the OZ infrastructure, uses Kenji's account and his avatar to invade the infrastructure, causing widespread damage. Kenji, Natsuki's cousin Kazuma Ikezawa (Mitsuki Tanimura) and Sakuma confront Love Machine. Kazuma's avatar, King Kazma, is defeated as Love Machine continues to steal accounts and create catastrophic traffic congestions, as well as disabling electrical devices. Two of Sakae's relatives — Rika (Sakiko Tamagawa) and Shota Jinnouchi (Yutaka Shimizu) – discover Kenji's involvement. Shota arrests Kenji, but Natsuki has them return to the estate due to the ongoing traffic congestions. Recognizing the situation as akin to war, Sakae calls her associates in important positions in Japan's society and her relatives who work in emergency services. She encourages them to work their hardest to reduce the potential chaos and damage that could have occurred. Kenji is able to return control of the virtual world to the moderators and engineers. Wabisuke reveals that he created Love Machine and sold the program to the United States Armed Forces. After an argument with Sakae, Wabisuke leaves the estate and Sakae later encourages Kenji to take care of Natsuki during a Hanafuda match. Kenji and the Jinnouchi family run to Sakae's bedside the next morning, discovering that she has died. Her youngest son Mansaku (Tadashi Nakamura) reveals she had angina and Love Machine had deactivated her heart monitor. Kenji, Sakuma, and most of the Jinnouchi family initiate a plan to defeat Love Machine using a supercomputer and ice blocks while Natsuki and the others prepare a funeral for Sakae. Kenji, along with Sakuma and the others, capture Love Machine, but Shota carries the ice blocks to Sakae's body causing the supercomputer to overheat. Love Machine empowers itself and assimilates King Kazma; the redirects the Arawashi, an orbiting satellite, onto a collision course with a nuclear power plant. At the same time, Natsuki discovers a will left by Sakae before reuniting with Kenji and the rest of the group. Natsuki has Wabisuke return home before reading Sakae's will, asking the family to bring Wabisuke back to their lives. Realizing that Love Machine sees everything as a game, Kenji has the Jinnouchi family play Koi-Koi with Love Machine in OZ's casino world, wagering their accounts in a desperate attempt to stop Love Machine. Natsuki wins several rounds, but gets distracted and nearly loses her "winnings". However, OZ users worldwide enter their own accounts into the wager on Natsuki's side. Natsuki finally damages Love Machine, but the artificial intelligence redirects the Arawashi towards a collision on Sakae's estate. Kenji hacks into the satellite's GPS, but is unsuccessful. To circumvent Love Machine, Wabisuke disables its defenses, distracting it long enough for King Kazma to be revived and assisted by several Jinnouchi family avatars before destroying the artificial intelligence. Kenji activates the GPS code and redirects the Arawashi away from the estate. The satellite's impact causes a shockwave that destroys the satellite and the estate's entrance. The Jinnouchi family, celebrating their victory as well as Sakae's birthday, has Natsuki kiss Kenji after confessing their love to each other.

3:00 pm - 3:50 pm     Black Butler 1-2
In a manor house on the outskirts of Victorian era London, butler Sebastian Michaelis serves Lord Earl Ciel Phantomhive, the orphaned twelve-year-old head of an English noble family and a toy and candy empire, who serves directly under the Queen as her "guard dog". Master Phantomhive's parents were murdered when Ciel was little. As a result, he made a pact with a demon asking for vengeance upon those who had disgraced him and the Phantomhive name, in exchange for his soul. Now, Sebastian carries out any task required by his Master, perfectly solving problems plaguing the Queen of England with ease, due to his demonic lineage and the Faustian contract with Ciel.
Episode One: Ciel Phantomhive is awakened by his butler, Sebastian Michaelis. Sebastian informs Ciel that Damian, the head of Funtom Company, which is Ciel's confectionery toy manufacturing company, is coming for a visit. Sebastian orders the household staff, Baldroy, Finnian, and Mey-Rin — them being the cook, the gardener, and the maid, respectively — to prepare for Damian's arrival. Their attempts result in disaster, as Baldroy overcooks the food, Finnian kills the garden by spraying herbicides on it, and Mey-Rin breaks all of the china. To resolve the situation, Sebastian orders them to rearrange the yard into a Japanese rock garden and has Bardroy make beef tataki. Damian, impressed with the staff's preparations, plays a board game with Ciel in which his character loses his legs and is ultimately incinerated. Following the dinner, Damian calls his associate, commenting that the factory he owns has been sold and he is attempting to fraudulently acquire more money from Ciel. When Damian attempts to return to the lounge, the scenario in the board game occurs. Damian breaks one of his legs, and Sebastian locks him in the oven, to be burned with the dessert; he later limps away from the mansion, as Ciel and Sebastian laughs in amusement.
Episode Two: After a visit from Madame Red and Lau, Ciel is kidnapped for ransom by Azzurro Vanel, a drug dealer and leader of an Italian mafia. Sebastian is first targeted by a sniper and driver in a forest, yet he ends up tilting them off a cliff. He then easily defeats a mob of underlings who are guarding the mansion, all with using various dining supplies. When approaching to retrieve his master, Sebastian is shot several times, however he instantly recovers. Ciel calls for Sebastian's help, which enables the latter to save the former from Azzurro.

4:00 pm - 4:50 pm     Ghost Hunt 3-4
Episode Three: After disappearing for a night, Naru conducts an experiment involving all those associated with the case. He implants a hypnotic suggestion in their minds regarding a chair in a sealed room moving overnight. His experiment proving successful, Naru reveals his explanation for the latest developments, correctly accusing one of the group of mimicking a poltergeist's acts. After the conclusion of the case, Naru offers Mai a part-time job at the SPR, which she accepts.
Episode Four:  The SPR team, joined by the exorcists and mediums from the previous case, are requested at a house where poltergeist-like activity has been taking place. Soon after their arrival, the ghostly occurrences escalate, leading Takigawa to conclude the house is haunted by something more than a mere poltergeist. A young girl in the family, Ayami, exhibits strange behavior, claiming her doll Minnie has been speaking to her. The SPR team observe Minnie closely, with disturbing results.

5:00 pm - 6:40 pm     REDLINE [Movie]
"Sweet JP" - rightfully named for his personality, retro style, and refusal to mount weapons on his racecar - nearly wins the "Yellowline" race against a host of semi-pro alien drivers, most of whom use oversized vehicles with jet engines mounted with guns and missiles, but just before the finish line JP's car is sabotaged by an explosive device placed by his friend and mechanic; Frisbee. In the past, Frisbee and JP were sent to prison for fixing races for the mafia, and are doing so again so they can keep racing. While recuperating in the hospital and reminiscing over his loss, JP finds out that he was selected for the "Redline" despite not qualifying in the last race due to popular demand, and because 2 racers withdrew. The Redline race takes place on Roboworld, a militarized planet ruled by cyborgs. The Roboworld government is violently opposed to the race being held on their planet as they have several ongoing secret projects, including a colossal bioweapon called Funky Boy that they wish to be kept top-secret. JP and the other racers are transported to a backwater moon near Roboworld to prepare. There he meets Sonoshee the winner of the Yellowline, who he met before either of them started racing professionally. After meeting several oddball racers, he has to repair and refit his car damaged from the Yellowline. With Frisbee acting as the designer and a friend of theirs, a 4 armed old man procuring parts, they aim to make a high powered racecar that will hold up against the other racers. Various colorful and dynamic characters compete in the Redline race such as "Machinehead" a huge machine man and the reigning champion, "Super Boins" a pair of pop idols from a magical planet, "Gori-rider" a corrupt gorilla-like traffic officer, "Lynchman&Johnnyboya" a pair of bounty hunters, "Miki&Todoroki" a pair of semi-pro racers who get selected alongside JP to race in the Redline, and a few others. Guerilla forces on Roboworld as well as the Bounty Hunter team, sabotage a number of Roboworld's planetary defenses, making the race less than suicidal. JP, Sonoshee, and the other racers speed across the planet under heavy attack from the Roboworld military, which have targeted each of the racers with intent to kill. During the race the guerillas attempt to unleash and control Funky Boy, but are unable to as one of the racers crashed into the containment facility, bringing Funky Boy prematurely out of its slumber. Funky Boy goes on a rampage, destroying many of the Roboworld units and much of the landscape around them. Even their most powerful weapon, the Hyper-disintegrator cannons, unable to stop the beast, one of the Roboworld high ranking generals decides to merge with another Bioweapon to fight against Funky Boy while the race continues on. In Funky Boy's rampage, Sonoshee's car is destroyed, knocking her out in the process. JP however finds her alive and allows her to join him in continuing the race together. Frisbee who was forced to make another deal with the Mafia is almost killed when he refuses to sabotage JP's car again, but is saved by the 4 armed scrounger, who shoots down the mafia and after sits down to watch the rest of the race with Frisbee. The final sprint to the finish shows Machinehead with JP/Sonoshee both fighting for victory. In his haste, Machinehead uses the steamlight; a form of energy that can release an unimaginable amount of power, to give him the edge over the race. Sonoshee quickly reciprocates with her own piece of steamlight, given to her by her father on her seventh birthday. Both racers blaze towards the finishing line with their cars tearing away due to the super-sonic speed. With much of the planet in ruin, the red line, marking the end of the race is broken up, but is quickly remedied as the Redline Mothership warps from space onto the planetary surface to serve as a ramp leading to the finish. JP and Sonoshee are neck to neck with Machinehead but unable to get past him. The explosive placed in JP's car by Frisbee earlier on, is activated by the scrounger who presses the detonator counting on the resulting explosion to give what's left of JP's car a boost of speed to pass Machinehead. Machinehead follows by morphing into rocket form to increase his speed. Just before the finish line JP's car completely falls apart, but he, Sonoshee, and Machinehead reach the finish line. JP and Sonoshee touch the finishing line less than a fraction of a second before Machinehead and are declared the victors. Audiences throughout the galaxy celebrate JP's amazing victory. The other racers, exhausted and in awe remark about the incredible feat performed by JP. While suspended in weightless motion, JP pulls Senoshee close and kisses her and the two victors confess their love for each other.

7:00 pm - 8:00 pm     Mobile Suit Gundam Unicorn ep. 1
A Neo Zeon remnant group called the "Sleeves" travels to Side 4's Industrial 7 colony, so that its captain, Zinnerman, can receive a "key" to something known as "Laplace's Box" from Vist Foundation leader Cardeas Vist. The item is said to be capable of either restoring the future or destroying the world. Audrey Burns seeks to meet Vist first and convince him not to turn over Laplace's Box, believing the Sleeves will use it to start another war. Along the way, she is rescued by 16-year-old student Banagher Links, who agrees to take her to Vist. Meanwhile, a battle breaks out between the Federation's Londo Bell taskforce and the Sleeves. As the collateral damage rises, the colony is evacuated. Amidst the chaos, Banagher discovers the fatally-wounded Cardeas Vist in the cockpit of the Unicorn Gundam. Before his death, Vist entrusts the Gundam to Banagher, who realizes that Vist is his father. Banagher then launches in the Unicorn and confronts the Sleeves' elite pilot, Marida Cruz, who is piloting the Kshatriya.

8:00 pm - 9:00 pm     Masquerade

9:00 pm - 10:30 pm     Zombie Hunter Rika [Live-Action Movie]
Playing hooky leads to more than just demerits for the dismembered heroine of this Japanese horror film. It's a school day, but Rika ditches class in favor of visiting her doctor grandfather. When she arrives in his town, she discovers--the hard way--that zombies walk the formerly quiet streets. A lesser surgeon might have left the injured girl for dead, but Rika's grandfather not only stitches her up: he also adds a few improvements that turn the teen into a school-uniform-wearing warrior. But even with the help of her friends, will her new body be strong enough to face the scariest member of the walking dead, Zombie Boss Glorian?

SUNDAY, APRIL 22, 2012
11:00 am - 11:50 am     Highschool of the Dead 5-6
Episode Five: At Kansai International Airport, Rika Minami and her squad from the Special Assault Team helps in the evacuation of civilians by clearing zombies at the runway. Meanwhile, after escaping from a warzone between mad survivors and zombies, Takashi and Rei learn that all of the bridges have been blocked by the police and military to prevent infected civilians from coming in. Realizing nothing good is gained by staying with Shido, Saya, Kohta, Saeko and Shizuka leaves the bus after Kohta forcefully persuades him and heads to Onbetsu Bridge where they encounter more zombies and are rescued by the timely arrival of Takashi and Rei. Needing a place to stay for the night, Shizuka suggests they stay at her friend Rika's apartment where a Humvee is parked outside. With zombies infesting around the building, the group heads inside and fights them.
Episode Six: With the apartment cleared, the girls refresh themselves in the bath while Takashi and Kohta check the weapons and ammunition in the household. Meanwhile, the police at the blockade are coming under pressure from both the zombies and the civilians trying to escape them, including a group of protesters led by a Conspiracy theorist who believes the epidemic is a biological weapon of the US and Japanese government. With no help coming from headquarters, the police are ordered to use deadly force to maintain order at the blockade. Back at the apartment, Takashi has to deal with a drunk Rei and Shizuka. After an argument between them, Rei starts to come onto Takashi, but he holds her back. Just then, a dog starts barking outside, which starts to attract the zombies.

Noon - 12:50 pm     Soul Eater 3-4
Episode Three: Lord Death's son, Death the Kid, decides to go soul-hunting in the Egyptian Pyramid of Anubis where a witch is creating mummies to resurrect an evil pharaoh. However, Kid becomes easily distracted due to his obsession with symmetry, forcing his weapons, Liz and Patty Thompson, to collect the mummies' souls on their own. Upon encountering the pharaoh, Kid is unable to kill him as he attacks from his perfectly symmetrical sarcophagus. But when the pharaoh emerges and reveals his true, unaligned self, Kid relentlessly destroys him. Unfortunately, the pyramid is wrecked in the attack, and Kid is forced to surrender the souls he collected as punishment.
Episode Four: To make up for the souls they failed to collect, Maka, Soul, Black Star, and Tsubaki take a remedial class together under the threat of expulsion if they fail. They are sent to a graveyard to fight Sid Barrett, their former teacher and a powerful meister who had been turned into a zombie. Maka and Soul attempt to perform their Soul Resonance, "Witch Hunter", but are unable to control it properly, leaving Black Star to subdue Sid with Tsubaki's chain. With Sid captured, Lord Death reveals the one who turned Sid into a zombie to be Dr. Franken Stein, the most powerful meister to ever graduate from Death Weapon Meister Academy.

1:00 pm - 2:00 pm     Mobile Suit Gundam Unicorn ep. 2
The transformed Unicorn Gundam overpowers the Kshatriya and Marida is ordered to retreat. The Unicorn is picked up by the Londo Bell ship Nahel Argama. Banagher is questioned by Daguza Mackle about how he came to possess the Unicorn Gundam but is interrupted by the Sleeves' surprise attack. Full Frontal, the leader of Neo Zeon, demands that the Nahel Argama hand over any items related to Laplace's Box, including the Unicorn. Daguza tries to ensure safe passage by holding Audrey, revealed to be Zeon Princess Mineva Lao Zabi, hostage, but Frontal refuses to accept they have the real Mineva. With no other choice, Banagher sorties in the Unicorn against the Sinanju; he fights well, but is captured when blindsided by the Kshatriya. Banagher is taken to meet Frontal at the Sleeves asteroid base of Palau. After discussing the nature of Zeon with Marida, who is placed in charge of watching over Banagher, a crew member from Nahel Argama disguised as a bum bumps into Banagher and passes him a map and a transmitter, telling him to get to the 14th space gate or risk being killed in the coming battle. Banagher laments over how the colony will become a battlefield soon.

2:00 pm - 3:35 pm     Bleach: Fade to Black [Movie] 
In Soul Society, Mayuri Kurotsuchi is attacked in his laboratory by a pair of mysterious siblings wielding a scythe that erases his memories. In a frightened panic, Kurotsuchi damages a machine, which causes a massive reiatsu explosion that covers much of Soul Society in a milky layer of reiatsu in the form of a giant rampaging river of serpents, killing and freezing many Soul Reapers, including Kenpachi Zaraki. Rukia Kuchiki is confronted and attacked by the siblings, erasing her memories and everybody that has memories of her, and is carried away to a rundown area of Rukongai by the siblings. Seemingly everyone in Soul Society has their memories of Rukia erased. In the real world, Ichigo Kurosaki briefly forgets Rukia but in a dream recalls her. Troubled, he and Kon go to Kisuke Urahara for information. He tells Urahara of the situation, but he does not remember Rukia despite having her listed as a customer at his shop. Ichigo and Kon go to Soul Society, where they are attacked by people who they knew, including Shuhei Hisagi, Renji Abarai and Sajin Komamura, after Ichigo is forced to use his Hollow powers, but no one remembers Ichigo. While attempting to flee, he is struck by Komamura's Bankai. Ichigo is branded an intruder by the captains of the Gotei 13. Rukia finds herself in Rukongai with no memory of being a Soul Reaper. The nameless siblings, a sister and a brother, remind Rukia that they used to be close friends living in Rukongai and Rukia was to give them names, although she has forgotten them. Ichigo is healed of his injuries by Hanataro Yamada, who seems to have recalled healing him before. Ichigo then goes to Byakuya Kuchiki, Rukia's brother, for help, but he does not remember Rukia either. After a direct confrontation with Renji Abarai again, Byakuya directs Ichigo to his wife, Hisana Kuchiki's, birthplace in Rukongai, where they are briefly reunited with Rukia before the siblings flee with her from Ichigo and Kon. Ichigo and Kon are attacked again by captain-class Soul Reapers Tōshirō Hitsugaya, Ikkaku Madarame and Yumichika Ayasegawa but are saved by Renji Abarai, who follows his gut instinct to trust Ichigo. Commander-Captain Shigekuni Yamamoto-Genryūsai and other captains arrive to capture Ichigo, but Urahara arrives dressed in his old uniform when he was a captain prior to his exile. He sends Ichigo, Renji and Kon off to save Rukia, and explains to the captains that he studied a parasitic Hollow which could erase memories with its scythe-like tentacle, but it escaped and appears to be influencing the siblings' actions to an extent. The siblings go to Kurotsuchi's lab in order to fully destroy the Soul Reapers with the reiatsu weapon they had used previously, under the belief that the Soul Reapers were responsible for taking Rukia away from them. Rukia objects to this, and Ichigo and Renji's arrival prompts Rukia to remember them. The female sibling succumbs to rage, and she forces herself, her brother and Rukia to all fuse into one, creating "Dark Rukia". Dark Rukia, seemingly hollowified, unleashes the reiatsu weapon upon Soul Society before battling Ichigo. The reiatsu weapon takes the form of a giant, deformed monster, and the Soul Reapers fight against it, including Yoruichi Shihoin who had arrived with Urahara, and a freed Kenpachi. Ichigo fights Dark Rukia and holds back initially to refrain from injuring her. Byakuya arrives and claims that he should be the one to finish this, but Ichigo intervenes and manages to free her with his own similar reiatsu, destroying the Hollow, while Byakuya and Renji destroy the reiatsu monster. Rukia regains her memories, but the siblings are left mortally wounded, but are regretful for their actions. Urahara arrives and explains that the Hollow attacked Rukia and the siblings while controlling a Soul Reaper's body, but when the body was destroyed, the siblings trapped the Hollow in their bodies and were sent to Hueco Mundo for a time, managing to escape after a hundred years to reunite with Rukia because of their strong desire to be with her. Rukia tells the siblings their names, Homura and Shizuku, but the two die from their wounds, much to Rukia's despair. The film ends with Ichigo visiting Rukia at the hill shrine where she previously visited before during the movie (the shrines were made in remembrance of her childhood friends who died during adolescence due to poverty), reminding her that her memories of the siblings will not fade. Kon, who was frozen during the climactic battle, breaks free and cries out to not be forgotten by everyone, especially Rukia.

4:00 pm - 4:50 pm     Black Butler 3-4
Episode Three: Grell Sutcliff is requested by Madame Red to train under Sebastian. It is later revealed by Tanaka that the Phantomhive estate was previous burned down three years ago, in which Ciel's parents died in the fire. Elizabeth Middleford, Ciel's fiancée, arrives at the estate for a visit. Although Ciel does not wish to dance with her, Sebastian convinces him to learn to dance for the sake of preserving his social reputation, and teaches him the simple Viennese waltz. Elizabeth later unhappily shatters Ciel's family ring on the flor, since she had already chosen a ring for him, though she is absentminded when realizing its value to him. Nonetheless, Ciel throws the family ring out the window, declaring his status as head of the family, with or without it. Ciel then asks a teary-eyed Elizabeth to dance with him. Later that night, Sebastian finds Ciel depressed in bed and restores the family ring undamaged. Ciel wonders how many generations have died wearing the ring. He tells Sebastian to stay by his side until he falls asleep, amusing Sebastian, who comments on Ciel showing his weaknesses to him.
Episode Four: The news of Jack the Ripper terrorizes the city of London. After receiving information from Undertaker, Sebastian narrows the suspects down to a a man known as the Viscount of Druitt. Madame Red creates a plan for Sebastian, Ciel, and Lau to attend a ball to catch the culprit, which involves Ciel, in a dress and wig, posing as her young niece and Sebastian in the role of his tutor. They realize that Elizabeth is attending the ball and must avoid her, lest she blow their cover. The Viscount takes a liking to Ciel, who flirts with him hoping to learn his plans. Sebastian distracts Elizabeth and the other guests by pretending to be a magician. Alone in a room with the Viscount, Ciel loses consciousness, later awaking to find himself being sold in a large underground auction, bound and blindfolded. When the Viscount removes the blindfold in order to display Ciel's eyes, Ciel keeps them closed, then opens them and calls for Sebastian. The lights go out, cries are heard, and the candles are suddenly relighted to reveal Sebastian, who takes Ciel home as the police arrive at the scene.

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