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Thursday, May 10, 2012

Anime Viewing Schedule for Saturday, May 12, 2012

Building K, Room 131, Noon to 8:00 pm
Fight for your Food!
Saturday, May 12, 2012
Noon - 12:50   Ben-To 7-8
12:50 - 1:15    Dusk Maiden of Amnesia 1

1:15 - 1:40      Rinne no Lagrange 2
1:40 - 2:30     
Mirai Nikki (Future Diary) 13-14
2:30 - 3:20      Sakamichi no Apollon 1-2
3:20 - 3:45      Fate/Zero 6
3:45 - 4:45      Club Meeting / Announcements
4:45 - 5:35      Lupin III: Mine Fujiko to Iu Onna 1-2

5:35 - 6:00      Sankarea 1
6:00 - 6:20      Guilty Crown 3
6:20 - 8:00      The Princess and the Pilot [Movie] 

Noon - 12:50   Ben-To 7-8
[Source: Wikipedia] While innocently reaching for some half-priced bento, Yō Satō finds himself beaten up on the floor of a supermarket. He soon learns that getting half-priced bento is an all-out brawl between customers. Yō is invited to the Half-Priced Food Lovers Club by one of the top fighters, Sen Yarizui, in order to train to compete in these battles.
Episode 7 "Omelettits Bento 752kcal and Tent of Seafood Bento 1100kcal": Matsuba gives Yō, Sen, Ayame and Hana free tickets to an indoor swimming pool, where they also run into Ren. There, they discover even a swimming pool has half-priced bento, featuring a unique bento brawl across the pool. As the waves provide a fierce battlefield, Yō manages to achieve his prey, albeit not without an embarrassing comeuppance.
Episode 8 "Jumbo Garlic Chive Hamburger Steak Bento 765kcal": Yō becomes hospitalized after jumping out of a window while trying to protect his Sega Saturn that Sen threw out the window, ending up completely wrapped in bandages. Meanwhile, a pair of twin sisters from Ayame's school both named Kyō Sawagi, the older of which appears to have a thing for Sen, infiltrate the hospital hoping to meet Sen. They mistake Yō for Sen and perform some curious inspections on him, leading to chaos when they actually learn the truth. 

12:50 - 1:40  Dusk Maiden of Amnesia 1
Dusk Maiden of Amnesia
[Source: Wikipedia] The story revolves around a first-year middle school student, Teiichi Niiya who had just enrolled at Seikyou Private Academy. When he gets lost in one of the school's old building, he meets a girl named Yuuko Kanoe who reveals herself as a ghost with no memories. Teiichi then decides to investigate her death by looking through the school's seven mysteries revolving around her. Throughout the story, Teiichi and Yuuko discover the truth about these ghost stories and help those who are troubled.
Episode 1 "Ghost Maiden": In the school's Paranormal Investigations Club, Momoe Okonogi does her work, blissfully unaware of the presence of the club's ghost president, Yuuko Kanoe, who can only be seen by the two other club members Teiichi Niiya and Kirie Kanoe. After investigating an allegedly 'haunted' food elevator, which is revealed to be Yuuko's doing, Momoe brings everyone to the top of a hill where a memorial to Yuuko is found. After Momoe and Kirie leave, Teiichi finds a bell underneath the memorial grave.
Episode 2 "Encounter with the Maiden": In a flashback into how Teiichi, Yuuko and Momoe met, Teiichi finds himself lost in one of the school's old buildings where he stumbles upon Yuuko who introduces herself as the ghost of the school he has heard of. While he tries to understand how she came to be and Yuuko wants starts the Paranormal Investigations Club, Momoe asks him to help her with a paranormal problem. Momoe explains she played a game called "hide the demon" which only ends if you tell the doll you use but the doll mysteriously disappeared and fears she will be killed. But in truth, the doll was actually taken by Yuuko but she warns Teiichi that Momoe's paranoia will kill her if they do not solve it. In order end her fear, Yuuko and Teiichi play pretend where the latter performs an exorcism on the possessed doll in front of Momoe.

12:50 - 1:40  Rinne no Lagrange 2
Rinne no Lagrange
[Source: Wikipedia] Madoka Kyouno, a schoolgirl from Kamogawa, is the sole member of the Jersey Club and always ready to help others out. One day, she is approached by an alien named Lan who asks her to pilot a robotic aircraft to defend mankind against an evil force.
Episode 2 "Kamogawa Spirit": As Madoka returns in the Ovid, known as Vox Aura, she is shocked to learn that she is to do a second mission. As Yoko decides to infiltrate the base, Madoka briefly runs into another Ovid pilot named Muginami before regrouping with Lan to perform the next mission to fight against another enemy Ovid piloted by a man named Izo. As Madoka finds herself struggling, with her doubt causing the Vox to shut down, she receives a call from Yoko who encourages her to finish what she started. As Madoka launches a counterattack on the enemy, another enemy Ovid appears.

1:40 - 2:30    Mirai Nikki (Future Diary) 13-14
Mirai Nikki
[Source: Wikipedia] Yukiteru "Yuki" Amano is a loner who never really interacts with people and prefers writing a diary on his cell phone with his only companion being an imaginary friend named Deus Ex Machina, the God of Time and Space. However, Yuki soon learns that Deus is real when he makes Yuki participate in a battle royale with eleven other people. Within this "Diary Game", the contestants are given special diaries that can predict the future, with each diary having unique features that gives them both advantages and disadvantages. Within the next 90 days, the contestants must try to kill each other and survive until there is only one person standing, the winner becoming the new God of Time and Space. In order to survive, Yuki tries to find allies, with one of them being another diary user named Yuno Gasai, a girl who is madly in love with him. As the game continues, Yuki soon learns that not everyone can be trusted, not even Yuno, whose obsession to keep both of them alive no matter the cost terrifies him. Yet despite her faults, Yuki continues to trust Yuno since he manages to survive the game thanks to her. Originally, Yuki had no desire to win the game and stoop as low as the other contestants who either cheat, lie, manipulate or kill in order to win. However, that all changes when late in the game, Yuki's parents are killed. Yuki suffers a breakdown over his parents death until Yuno seduces and convinces him that if he becomes the new God of Time and Space, he can bring his parents back to life. Now having a reason to win, Yuki becomes a ruthless, backstabbing, and manipulative terrorist who causes the deaths of thousands of civilians and destruction throughout the city in order to kill the other contestants. Yuki's actions shock his friends, in particular Aru Akise, who had suspicions about Yuno and her motives. By the time Yuno and Yuki becomes the last contestants, Aru and the rest of Yuki's friends chastis him on how he has become just as bad as the other contestants. Aru tries to warn Yuki that Yuno is manipulating him and that she has an ulterior motive. Refusing to accept the truth and wishing to bring his parents back, Yuki kills them until Aru manages to stop him and gives Yuki a clue over Yuno's true identity before he is killed by Yuno herself. Eventually, Yuki learns that the Yuno he known is actually an "impostor" as this "Yuno" is actually from a parallel universe who won the Diary Game. In that universe, Yuno and Yuki were the last contestants and Yuki committed suicide so that Yuno will be the new God and resurrect him. But Yuno became distraught and more insane when she learns that while she can resurrect the dead, she cannot bring back their souls. With the help of Muru Muru, Deus' assistant and now Yuno's after she won the Diary game, both of them travel back in time to Yuki's universe and manipulated it where she killed the Yuno of Yuki's universe and took her place so she could play the game again and find a way to bring back "her" Yuki. As Yuno is about to kill him, Yuki is saved by Minene Uryu, one of his allies and another Diary user who he believed died in the game but was saved by Deus, who had suspicions that the Muru Muru in his universe is not the one he knows but the one from the parallel universe working with Yuno, and gave Minene some of his powers before his death. Their plans foiled, Yuno and Muru Muru travel to another universe to start over again but are followed by Yuki and Minene who are trying to stop them. Finally, Yuno and Muru Muru are stopped when the former learns in this new universe, all the terrible things that happen to everyone in the previous universes never happen including one where her parents were never abusive and lead to her insanity. With Yuno's Muru Muru stopped by Yuki's universe's Muru Muru and the help of the new universe's Diary users, Yuki convinces Yuno to come to her senses and surrender as he loves her. Realizing her mistakes, Yuno instead kills herself, believing this is the best for him and making Yuki the new God of his universe. In the end, despite becoming the new God of Time and Space, Yuki refuses to rule his universe as he has lost everything that he ever loved and cared; his friends, parents and Yuno. But in an unexpected Deus ex machina, the Yuno of the new universe arrives and invites Yuki to her universe as Yuki's Muru Muru had given Yuno and the others of the new universe their other universes memories which convinced that universe's Deus not to hold the Diary game and instead make Yuki and Yuno his new heirs. The series ends with Yuki reuniting with Yuno, his friends, parents and the Diary users in a new, happier universe.
Episode 13 "Restricted Call": When Deus realises that his assistant, Murmur, manipulated events to hasten Keigo's elimination, she claims she wants the game concluded before he has to "retire" and challenges him to a wager on the winner of the survival game, with her picking Yuno and Deus betting on Yuki. Yuki and Yuno go on a stargazing trip, but Yuno alters their destination along the way. Worried about Yuki's safety, Aru contacts Nishijima and they manage to narrow Yuki and Yuno's location down to a run-down holiday resort, enlisting Hinata, Mao and Kousaka to search for them. As they split up and search the abandoned hotels, Aru and Kousaka face various traps set by Yuno, while Hinata is tricked by a text message Yuno sent from Yuki's phone. When the others attempt to find Hinata, they get locked in a room which starts to fill up with gas. At the end of the episode, Yuki is shown bound to a chair, with an ecstatic Yuno sitting between two skulls. 
Episode 14 "Deleted Memory": Aru talks to Yuno through her surveillance feed, revealing he dug up three corpses from her garden, two of which had recently had their skulls removed. When he threatens to give this information to the police unless she releases them, the stress causes Yuno to alter her memory again, rendering negotiations moot. As Kousaka uses his cell phone to post his will in his blog, it is apparently turned into a Future Diary by the Eighth diary holder, who adresses him as an "apprentice". On Aru's advice, Kousaka acts out his diary's predictions, reaching an amnesiac Yuno, a catatonic Yuki and a bound Hinata in the control room. His appearance causes Yuki to recover, recalling how Yuno abducted him to keep him safe until July 28th. Yuno places the key to Yuki's shackles on the floor and tosses Kousaka the control panel key, allowing him to free Aru and Mao. Yuno then takes advantage of Kousaka's distraction and shoots at him with a crossbow. However, Yuki, having had his key kicked over to him by Hinata, frees himself and stops Yuno, leaving her behind when his diary predicts the imminent arrival of three diary holders, all apprentices of the Eighth. 

2:30 - 3:20    Sakamichi no Apollon [Kids on the Slope] 1-2
Sakamichi no Apollon [Kids on the Slope]
[Source: Wikipedia] The beginning of summer, 1966. Because of his father's job situation, freshman high school student Kaoru Nishimi moves by himself from Yokosuka to Kyushu to live with relatives. Until then, Kaoru was an honor roll student who tended to keep to himself, but meeting notorious bad boy Sentaro Kawabuchi starts to change him. Through his devil-may-care classmate, Kaoru learns the attractions of jazz and finds the first person he can call a “friend.” He also discovers how much fun it is to play music with a pal. Other characters include Sentaro's kind childhood chum, Ritsuko, who is the daughter of a record shop owner; the mysterious upperclassman, Yurika; and Brother Jun, the much-admired leader among their peers.

3:20 - 3:45   Fate/Zero 6
[Source: Wikipedia] Fate/zero takes place 10 years prior to the events of Fate/stay night, detailing the events of the 4th Holy Grail War in Fuyuki City. The War of the Holy Grail is a contest in which seven magi summon seven Heroic Spirits to compete to obtain the power of the "Holy Grail," which grants a miracle. After three inconclusive wars for the elusive Holy Grail, the Fourth War commences. Founded by the Einzbern, Matō, and Tōsaka families centuries ago, the Einzbern family is determined to achieve success after three successive failures, no matter the cost. As a result, they have elected to bring the hated magus killer, Kiritsugu Emiya, into their ranks, despite his methods and reputation as a skilled mercenary and a hitman who employs whatever he can use to accomplish his goals. Though Kiritsugu had once wanted to become a hero who could save everyone, he has long since abandoned this ideal upon realizing that saving one person comes at the cost of another's life. For the sake of humanity, he will ruthlessly destroy anything and anyone who threatens the peace of others. However, Kiritsugu finds himself deeply torn between the love he has found for his new family - his wife Irisviel and their daughter Illya - and what he must do to obtain the Holy Grail. Meanwhile, Kiritsugu's greatest opponent appears in the form of Kirei Kotomine, a priest who cannot find any sense of fulfillment in his life and sets his sights on Kiritsugu as the possible answer to the emptiness he feels.
Episode 6 "Night of Schemes": Iri and Saber are driving to Einzbern Castle when they encounter Caster. Caster believes Saber is Jeanne d'Arc, but Saber tells him he is mistaken and drives him away. Returning to his lair, Caster is convinced "Jeanne" has lost her memories. At his hotel, Kayneth scolds Lancer for failing to kill Saber. Lancer is defended by Sola-Ui Nuada-Re Sophia-Ri, Kayneth's fiancee, who is maintaining Lancer's existence by supplying him with prana and has fallen for him due to his magic love spot. When the hotel's occupants are ordered to evacuate, Kayneth realizes Saber's Master has come for them. After making sure all civilians have evacuated, Kiritsugu and Maiya blow up the hotel using explosives. Maiya is found by Kirei, but escapes thanks to Kiritsugu's smoke bomb. When the Assassins inform Kirei, Risei and Tokiomi that Caster and Uryū have been kidnapping and sacrificing children, Risei is disgusted by their pointless murders and their jeopardising the war's secrecy. In a meeting between Archer and Kirei, the former convinces the latter to spy on the other Masters and find out what drives them in order to discover his own desires. 

3:45 - 4:45    Club Meeting and Announcements

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4:45 - 5:35    Lupin III: Mine Fujikoto Iu Onna
Lupin III: Mine Fujiko to Iu Onna
[Source: Wikipedia] Lupin the Third: The Woman Called Fujiko Mine (LUPIN the Third -峰不二子という女- Rupan Sansei Mine Fujiko to Iu Onna?) is a 2012 anime series based on Monkey Punch's Lupin III franchise. Produced by TMS Entertainment and Po10tial, it began airing on NTV on April 4, 2012. The series focuses on the franchise's heroine, Fujiko Mine, as she undergoes various missions and encounters other characters in the Lupin universe. The opening theme is "New Wuthering Heights" (新・嵐が丘 Shin Arashi ga Oka?) by Naruyoshi Kikuchi and Pepe Tormento Azcarar feat. Ichiko Hashimoto, whilst the ending theme is "Duty Friend" by NIKIIE. Sayo Yamamoto is the director of the series, making it the first Lupin title to be directed by a female. Unlike the previous anime adaptations of Lupin III, Mine Fujiko to Iu Onna is much closer to Monkey Punch's original creation in art style, tone, and in the portrayal of Arsène Lupin III. It is darker, more serious and sexually oriented, and is the first series in which Lupin is not the main protagonist.
Episodes 1-2: Tells the story of how Fujiko Mine first met Arsène Lupin III. Fujiko is on a mission to infiltrate a drug operation, which is not helped by the arrival of master thief Lupin. After losing a bet and becoming the property of a female casino owner, Fujiko is sent on a mission to steal Daisuke Jigen's .357 Magnum.

5:35 - 6:00    Sankarea 1
[Source: Wikipedia] The protagonist, Chihiro Furuya, is a male highschool student with a keen interest in zombies, collecting zombie-related videogames, film and manga, and even to the point of desiring to "kiss a zombie girl". Following the death of his pet cat, Babu, he attempts to revive it using an old manuscript, which describes the process of creating a potion for resurrection. At this time he encounters a girl named Rea Sanka, who has run away from home. In an attempt to commit suicide, she drinks a sample of the "resurrection" potion which is created from a poisonous herb known as Hydrangea macrophylla, however this fails to kill her. Following an argument with her father, she falls from a cliff by accident and dies; however as a result of the potion, she returns as a zombie. Though she becomes undead, she chooses not to consume human flesh, and rather survives on eating the hydrangea herbs.
Episodes 1: Chihiro Furuya is a zombie-loving weirdo who becomes depressed when his pet cat, Babu, dies after being hit by a car. Wanting to see him alive again, Chihiro looks into an old manuscript describing resurrection and starts doing experiments at an abandoned building. Whilst there, he encounters a girl named Rea Sanka, who is depressed about how controlled her life is. When Rea learns that Chihiro had been eavesdropping on her secret rants, she decides to help him in his experiments, warming up to the idea that, if she were to become a zombie, Chihiro would take responsibility and look after her. 

6:00 - 6:20    Guilty Crown 3
Guilty Crown
[Source: Wikipedia] On Christmas Eve, 2029, the unidentified "Apocalypse Virus" spreads and plunges Japan into a state of emergency in a chaos known as the "Lost Christmas" incident. An international organization known as the GHQ intervenes with martial law and restores order to Japan at the cost of its independence. Ten years later in 2039, Shu Ouma, a 17-year-old high school student who keeps to himself in school, meets Inori Yuzuriha, the lead singer for Egoist, while visiting one of his favorite places on his way home from school. Shu is a big fan of Inori, a singer who has taken the Internet world by storm. However, he also discovers the other side of her, which is that she is a member of "Undertakers", a resistance group that aims to liberate Japan from the GHQ. Shu starts taking part in the actions of "Undertaker-(funeral parlor)" and the "king's mark" appears on his right hand after the Void Genome in his pocket was shot by a GHQ Endlave. This "mark" bestows on him the power to reach inside another person's body and extract and materialize a weapon from it. The anime tells the story of Shu's reluctant involvement with the Undertakers and the hardship involving the battles they fight and the lost truth of Shu's past.
Episodes 3 "Phanerosis: Void-sampling": Shu is still shocked that not only has Inori transferred to his school but is living at his home as well. Gai reveals to Shu that he sent Inori to protect him because a student at his school who is secretly a drug dealer nicknamed Sugar saw him during the Undertakers battle with the GHQ at Roppongi and confirms Shu's suspicions that Gai can see other people's Voids. Because Gai only recognize Sugar's Void as pair of large shears, Shu has to confront his fellow classmates one by one and take out their Voids to confirm their identities. After several failures and escaping the wrath of class representative Kanon Kusama, Shu soon figures out Sugar is actually his friend Yahiro Samugawa, after figuring out Yahiro knows a lot of things he shouldn't know and his taste of horror films. His identity exposed, Yahiro angrily shows his true self before Shu subdues him by pulling out his Void. Inori tries to kill Yahiro but Shu stops her as Yahiro is still his friend where both he and Yahiro resolve their difference and not reveal each other secrets. But the next day, Yahiro betrays Shu by selling him out to the GHQ led by Major Makoto Waltz Segai.

6:20 - 8:00    The Princess and the Pilot [Movie]
The Princess and the Pilot
[Source: Wikipedia] To Aru Hikūshi e no Tsuioku is a 2011 Japanese anime film, and it is based on the fantasy light novel of the same name by Koroku Inumura. It was released in Japanese cinemas on 1 October 2011. To Aru Hikūshi e no Tsuioku is a joint production by Japanese animation studios Madhouse and TMS Entertainment, and it was directed by the director Jun Shishido. The cast of this film was officially revealed on 19 May 2011.

Private Charles Karino
Voiced by: Ryunosuke Kamiki
A Levammian born mercenary pilot who takes on an secret escort mission assignment, to protect a girl who is the future Princess consort of the state. He is a subject to severe racist discrimination due to his mixed heritage(he shares a half blood heratige consisting Tenzou Empire,the enemy state of Levam Lingdom the war), due to his life long bad memory from racism, he was eager to prouve himself and vows flying in the sky as a aviator as his live-long passion, because that "there is no caste, race, nor social status and other inequality among everyone" according to his own account. Although never officially recognized due to his race and social status as an Flying ace, he is extremely talented on flying and aerial combat that he has known to out-gunned all the ace pilots within the Kingdom in various drills and practices.
Fana del Moral
Voiced by: Seika Taketomi
The "Yet to be" Princess consort, a extremely beautiful women with beautiful silver-ish locks. Although born lonely in the sickness form noble bureaucracy, she is a elegant, polite, and compassionate lady by character. After a marriage proposal form the Prince of the state in the middle of the war. she is subjected to assassination attempt conducted by the enemy. Therfore, to get her back to the mainland ,the military high command has organized a secret escort mission,operated by Private Chales Karino,to get her pass the enemy line and fly her back to the mainland of the state. Unlike many other fellow nobility and fellow countrymen she detest racism towards half blood and show acceptance and respect to Charles. Although not noticed at the beginning, she had another encounter with Charles in her childhood.

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