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Monday, June 4, 2012

Young Justice - Preview


A stranger appears within Mount Justice claiming to be a time traveler and the grandson of the current Flash. The boy, Bart Allen, soon gatecrashes the celebration of the Garricks' wedding anniversary, revealing his identity to Barry Allen and Iris. The party is interrupted when they all learn that a villain called Neutron is on a rampage downtown, and the Flash Family head off to stop him. Meanwhile, Red Arrow and Cheshire travel to a League of Shadows base in Tibet where they find the original Roy Harper. In Central City, the Flashes defeat Neutron and Bart, having taken the name Impulse, secretly administers a cure to Neutron's uncontrollable ability. Later, Impulse pretends to discover that he is stranded in the present day.
(Forty Years Later): Bart embarks on his voyage to the present day, fully aware that it's a one-way trip. He bids farewell to Neutron, who reverts to normal after Bart leaves but is horrified to discover that the post-apocalyptic future around him remains unchanged.

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