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Tuesday, April 1, 2014

"Kill La Kill" April Fools' Day Joke

Be prepared for some local food humor
[Source: Scott Green of Ainititcool News] Food humor can be a bit local, so the April Fools' Day joke on the Kill La Kill site might not totally translate. The background you need to know is that konnyaku is a mostly tasteless gelatinous food that gives texture to dishes such as oden, made from a fibrous plant in the same family as taro. Here, it's been mixed with life fibers.

In the announcement, Honnoji Academy has introduced new Konnyaku with Life Fiber, created through a joint development with the Sanageyama Konnyaku company. This konnyaku tastes good for a change... and one more thing! It also works as a phone, complete with touch panel and the new operating system "sOS" developed by Honnoji Academy's own Shiro Iori.
Sanageyama Konnyaku has a long history in the industry, with connections through Uzu Sanageyama, this new venture has been financially backed by the Kiryuin family. The press conference also saw the introduction of Naniwa Kinman High school's new lighter, more cost effective model of Meat Armour.

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