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Tuesday, August 8, 2023

A funny thing happened on the way to the Ball...

Little Red Riding Hood
Meets a Corpse on Her Journey
Translation: Director Yuichi Fukuda makes a popular novel into a movie! A comedy mystery where Little Red Riding Hood solves difficult cases in the world of classic fairy tales as a detective! Netflix movie "Little Red Riding Hood meets a corpse on her journey. ] Global exclusive distribution starts on Thursday, September 14, 2023! Little Red Riding Hood (Kanna Hashimoto), a girl wearing a red hood, meets Cinderella (Yuko Araki), a girl covered in ash, on her journey. After having the wizard change them into a nice dress, the two head to the ball, but they run over a man in a pumpkin carriage. Hiding the corpse quickly so as not to find out, the two of them go to the castle ball. Shortly after Cinderella and the prince (Takanori Iwata) fall in love, a dead body is found and the ball is interrupted. The shadow of the true culprit appears among the peculiar people who appear one after another in front of the two who are in desperate need... Little Red Riding Hood confronts the case with her innate insight and impudence—! What is the truth behind the tragedy that happened in a country where "beauty is everything"?
"What big TEETH you have!"
For people wondering, this is not a Japanese take on Disney (even though the Japanese are crazy for Disney) or even the original tales for the Red Riding Hood or Cinderella. This is the film adaptation of a Japanese book series by Aito Aoyagi, that brings some irony, dark humor and Sherlock Holmes's wit to traditional European fairy-tales, so it's pretty much a Japanese product. The titles of the series are pretty hilarious, like "Red Riding Hood meets Pinocchio, and then finds a dead body".

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