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Wednesday, September 20, 2023

This Could Mean the Death of Star Wars...

Sources say Filoni & Kennedy Out to
REMAKE Star Wars in HER Image
"My Hollywood spies have communicated with sources with an absolutely stunning claim that, with Dave Filoni's help, Kathleen Kennedy has turned Ahsoka into a bait and switch that will forever change Star Wars as we know it, destroying George Lucas' universe and remaking it in her own image. I want to stress that this IS only a rumor, and there are reasons to believe that even if it IS true, Disney may change course in Ahsoka Season 2 for reasons I give at the end of this video, but make no mistake - IF this rumor is true, it will mean the death of Star Wars as George Lucas conceived it. I hope this rumor is false, that it's disinformation from KK's camp to rain on Ahsoka's parade, but just in case it's true, I wanted to warn you all ahead of time to lessen the blow. Here is what I've been told..."
"People are asking a few questions that I thought I'd try to address here: why would Filoni go along with this plan if KK is either out or neutralized at Lucasfilm? The answer to this is fairly obvious, which is why I didn't think to address it in the video... remember that Ahsoka had to be written and planned out at least a year ago, probably more. All the sets, costumes, ships and so on need to be developed, shooting planning, effects and so on. At that time, Kennedy was definitely still there. We saw her go nuts at Star Wars Celebration 2023, right? Announcing this and that, and an Ahsoka clip was shown, so we know that while Filoni was planning and writing Ahsoka, KK was there. Now, the hopeful thing about this is, IF this rumor is true, then this plan is only partly realized in Season 1 of Ahsoka. Season TWO is when the poodoo would really hit the fan, and so the hope is, for reasons I list in the video, AND for the reason that KK's star seemingly has fallen from the Lucasfilm heavens, Dave will hopefully declare whatever deal he had with KK null and void, veer off of this course, and not throw George Lucas under the bus. That's my hope, but difficult to see...always in motion is the future. So don't despair, this is not a fait accompli yet, and indeed this rumor could be from KK's camp... she does try to rain on the parades of others, as we all well know..."
-  Overlord DVD 

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