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Monday, May 12, 2014

Constantine on NBC this FALL

Matt Ryan will star in NBC's "Constantine."
From the pages of HELLBLAZER
The DC Comics character John Constantine will be among the new faces on the network this fall. NBC has also greenlighted "The Mysteries of Laura" and the comedy "A to Z" to refresh its lineup next season.

Played by Keanu Reeves on the big screen in 2005, John Constantine is the anti-hero of the "Hellblazer" comics, which were first introduced in the 1980s. Mysterious and sarcastic, the former conman becomes a paranormal detective with the goal of protecting humanity from evil. In the DC Comics version, John Constantine takes on superpowers through his knowledge of black magic and the occult.

The TV version will be headed up by Daniel Cerone, a writer and producer on "The Mentalist," and David S. Goyer, who is something of a specialist when it comes to adapting comics for the screen. In particular, Goyer penned screenplays for "Blade," "The Crow," "Ghost Rider," Christopher Nolan's "Batman" trilogy and "Man of Steel." He is currently working on stories and screenplays for the sequel to "Man of Steel" (tentatively titled "Batman vs. Superman") and for "Justice League," DC Comics' answer to "The Avengers."

In the new NBC series, "Constantine" will be played by Welsh actor Matt Ryan. Former "Lost" star Harold Perrineau will play his guardian angel.

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