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Wednesday, November 7, 2018

Parallel Man: Infinite Pursuit

P A R A L L E L            
                 M A N
Chased by commandos, Agent Nick Morgan is on the run in the multiverse! To escape, he jumps between parallel Earths including a polluted industrial hellscape, a planet where dinosaurs evolved into humanoids, and a deadly fungi world. 

Imagine infinite Earths scattered across a vast multiverse. Some, very similar; others, drastically different. One world might be encased in a frozen ice age, while another is populated by roaming dinosaurs that never became extinct.  

On one of those planets, instead of building an atomic bomb to win World War II, the United States developed the ability to travel through the multiverse. After using this advantage to conquer its enemies, their Earth was left devastated by the resultant World War III. They were forced to “annex” others for their very survival. 

This was the genesis of The Ascendancy. The deadly regime has spread to encompass over a dozen parallel Earths—extracting their resources and enslaving their people.  

Unfortunately, for us, our world is next... 

Director: Jeffrey Morris 
Writers: Jeffrey Morris & Fredrick Haugen 
Starring: John Cho as Agent Nick Morgan, Lance Reddick as Atlas, and Ming-Na Wen as Major Mackenzie Cartwright

Learn more about Parallel Man: 

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