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Monday, November 5, 2018

Best Halloween Costume of the Year!

Headless Girl Costume
Apparently, the name of the "headless girl" is Maya. She was trick or treating in a village somewhere in Parañaque, and her mother Krystel Hwang made her costume. 

Speaking to GMA News Online, Krystel shared how it only took her two days to create the costume. "I used [mostly] duct tape and paper," she said, adding both her daughters, 2-year-old Maya and 6-year-old Charlie, were actually involved in the creation of their costumes. 

"They watch YouTube, and so Halloween videos are going viral these days, so they know. I actually get ideas from them. They have an input. You'd be surprised," Krystel said, adding she didn't have a hard time dressing Maya up because "she saw me make it." 

"I like that they're not scared of it — tumatapang ang luob. They know it's just makeup. That way, hindi sila takot [when watching scary movies]," the stay-at-home mom and home baker continued. 

She's been making costumes for her elder daughter Charlie since she could participate in Halloween six years ago, and when she had Maya, the mom and her daughters continued their growing tradition. 

Krystel's video has been viewed more than 10,000,000 times, and along the songs of praises, it's also generated a few criticisms. 

But the creative mom won't be put down. "You know, Halloween is really for fun. I'm not pushing my kids toward darkness. It's a chance for us to have fun. I get ideas from them, and they get to be creative." 

In case anybody's asking, Maya and Charlie attended two Halloween parties that weekend, and yes. They won best in costume.

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