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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Fantastic Holiday Gifts

For that Star Wars Fan in Your Life
Wampa Plush Throw Rug 
As the snow begins to float from the sky, your Star Wars fan is going to have one fear above all—Wampas! Yes, those awful beasts could show up at any moment. The only way to keep your pal safe is to buy them this throw rug which will let any abominable snow monsters out there know what will happen if they come banging down your Star Wars fan’s door. $99.99

Tauntaun sleeping bag 
It gets colder than Hoth during the winter months. It’s up to you to ensure that your little Luke Skywalker doesn’t freeze to death. Why kill a poor, defenseless creature (seriously, that stinks) when you can give your friend a Tauntaun sleeping bag? Trust us, the Facebook pictures alone will make the gift worthwhile. $99.99

Star Wars Science—Force Trainer 
Let’s face facts—your friend probably doesn’t have the midichlorians to be the next Skywalker, but that doesn’t mean they can’t try all the same. This fun gadget comes with a headset that has EEG sensors in it. The toy can interpret your friend’s brainwaves, helping them move objects with their mind! Perfect for your buddy, the padawannabe. $36.99

Han Solo Frozen in Carbonite Ice Cube Trays 
When Han got frozen in carbonite, your Star Wars fan was probably really sad. You know what would make them even more sad—a room-temperature beverage! Their only hope is that you will buy them some ice cube trays in the form of Solo’s screaming face. Good holiday fun and a great stocking stuffer. $14.99

Interactive R2-D2 
It doesn’t matter if your friend is a Luke or a C-3PO—they are going to want R2-D2. This toy reacts to commands and will bring your friend their beer. We’re not sure there could ever be a greater gift for a Star Wars fan than a little robot buddy of their very own. $199.99

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