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Sunday, October 28, 2012

Anime Halloween!

"Anime Halloween" by Tyler Neuman
Parody of "This is Halloween" by Danny Elfman

Fans of anime every which where,
Wouldn't you like to be in for a scare?
With shows that features vampires,
That aren't hormonal struck pretty boys.
Anime Halloween, Anime Halloween
Zombies creep in Japan all night.
Anime Halloween, animated scary scenes
Stay alive while the shinigami take to flight
It's not real, but not a dream
It's an Anime Halloween

First is a show with a quaint little town,
But you won't want to stick around.
Next comes the girl from Elfen lied,
Ripping off limbs, you had better hide.

Anime Halloween, Anime Halloween
Halloween ! Halloween! Anime! Anime!
In this world of our own
Everyone hail to the Otaku
All around, werewolves howling out,
Waiting for a chance to rip your sides.
If you're going out, don't forget death scythe
Something's is coming out at you Scream!
This is Halloween
Multicolored hair it seems
Aren't you scared?
If no, then fine
Give a life, take a life
Cut 'em open with a knife
Sail with the moon on a boat that's nice
Everybody scream, oh look whip cream
On this Anime Halloween
Alucard can kill with style and grace
You're doomed if you see that smile on his face
He is the weapon with power to spare
She is the girl with twin-tailed hair
I am the shadow in your room at night,
sucking your blood till the dawn of light?
Anime Halloween, Anime Halloween
Anime, Anime, Halloween, Halloween
Anime Halloween!
World is on a zombie alert
Plenty of fan service couldn't hurt.
Shoot their heads, no it's not clean
'cause this is Anime Halloween
Light's his name
Don't we love'em now.
Killing off people with a book, that's right!

Jack the Ripper might slash you in the windpipe
And scream like a victim
While your soul is tasty sweet
Anime Halloween, everyone scream
Won't ya please turn your channel to six-hundred sixty six
Our man Sai is King of the Demons
Everyone hail to the demon king
Anime Halloween, Halloween Anime
Halloween! Halloween! Anime! Anime!
In this world, of our own
Everyone hail to the Otaku
La la-la la, Halloween! Anime!

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