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Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Tokyo Game Show 2012

Tokyo Game Show fully covered!
[Source:] The Play-Select team is back from the Tokyo Game Show with tons of material. Watch the footage of the latest video games, interviews with producers and industry affiliates as well as many many impressions on how life at the TGS is really like. Click on the pics to view media. The team has edited all material into episodes and has released a stream of them on the Play-Select Youtube Channel. Follow them from their first day in Tokyo throughout the show on their Play-Select channel and be prepared for insights, news and background information seldom covered in such depth.

Dive into Retro Gaming heaven with the Play-Select Team at the "Super Potato Retro Video Game Store" prior to the show.

And follow them on the floor from Show Day 1 throughout the show.

Look at some great new titles from Capcom and new products from Sony and an exclusive interview with Cheapy D of There is just so much content that they have to split the day up into two parts.

And the third day is one of the public days, watch out for the cosplay and booth babes galore!

And last but not least, they did an email interview with the creative minds behind games such as Lolipop Chainsaw and No More Heroes. Below is the link to the document:

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