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Friday, April 26, 2013

Anime Viewing Schedule for April 27, 2013

Saturday, April 27, 2013
Wood Dale Public Library
Boston Police find another WMD -- Weird Manga Drawing

Main Meeting Room, 10:15 am to 5:00 pm
(Click on titles to view Video Previews)
10:15 - 11:05    Accel World 16-17
11:05 - 11:30    Rinne no Lagrange 13
11:30 - 12:20    Chuunibyou demo Koi ga Shitai! 7-8
12:20 - 1:10      Red Data Girl 1-2
1:10 - 1:50        Club Meeting / Announcements
1:50 - 2:40        Sword Art Online 11-12
2:40 - 3:30        Gargantia on the Verdurous Planet 1-2
3:30 - 4:45        Attack on Titan 1-3

10:15 - 11:05    Accel World 16-17
Plot Summary: [Source: Wikipedia] In the year 2046, Neuro-synchronization, a technology system that allows humans to manipulate their five senses, has become widespread where people can access the internet and enter virtual worlds. Haruyuki "Haru" Arita is a short, fat boy who due to constant bullying has low-self esteem. To escape the torment of real life, he logs-in to the school's virtual world network where he plays squash alone and always gets the highest score. One day Haru attracts the attention of the Student Council Vice-President Kuroyukihime who offers him Brain Burst, a secret program which allows a person to make time appear to stand still in their surroundings by "accelerating" their brainwaves in the real world. Unfortunately, there is a limit to how many times a person can accelerate due to Brain Burst points and the primary way to get more points is to fight and defeat other Brain Burst users in the program's virtual reality massive multiplayer online (VRMMO) fighting game. However, if a user loses all of his/her points the Brain Burst program will uninstall itself and block all re-installation attempts, thus permanently removing the user's ability to accelerate. Kuroyukihime wants Haru's help as she wishes to reach Level 10 and meet the creator of Brain Burst to learn its true purpose. But in order to do that, she must defeat five other Level 9 users who just so happen to be "The Six Kings of Pure Color", the leaders of the six most powerful factions in the Brain Burst world. For helping him, Haru agrees to help Kuroyukihime not only to repay her but to overcome his weaknesses.
Episode 16 "Imagination": Sky Raker explains to Silver Crow that although he had lost his wings, he may be able to fly if he learns to use the Incarnate System, which allows Burst Linkers access to abilities using their will power alone. Silver Crow then accepts her offer to teach him how to use the system. Later that night, Sky Raker explains how her enhanced jumping ability led to an obsession of possessing true aviation, sending her into madness, by falling out with her friend, Black Lotus, asking the latter to amputate her avatar's legs. As the training begins, Sky Raker tasks Silver Crow with climbing up the Unlimited Field's version of the Tokyo Tower, which proves easy enough in the desert phase. However a transition changes the field into the Demonic City and the tower turns into impenetrable metal. However, Silver Crow realizes that he can pierce the metal if he wills himself to, literally bending the nature of Brain Burst's programming code, also taking into consideration what Kuroyukihime told him about his speed. On the 7th day, Silver Crow finally puts his new knowledge to the test and reaches the top of the tower whilst awakening a new piercing ability. The next day, Sky Raker meets with Haruyuki in the real world and transfers her armament, Gale Thruster. Haruyuki then promises to regain his flight using his own power so he can return her armament back to her some day, as well as reassuring her that her bond with Kuroyukihime is not broken.
Episode 17 "Fragmentation": As Haruyuki contemplates how to go about facing Seiji, he receives a video call from Kuroyukihime, who mentions sending information about Seiji's test scores to Takumu. During gym that day, Takumu challenges Seiji to a duel after deducing that he would accelerate to cheat during a test on the same period. Cyan Pile also reveals he knew about Silver Crow's ability being stolen. Although Cyan Pile initially gains the upper hand, Dusk Taker uses the Incarnate System to give himself powerful melee attacks and overwhelm Cyan Pile, leaving Silver Crow to wonder how he knows about the system. Before Dusk taker can take Cyan Pile's Burst Points, Silver Crow manages to trick him into switching to Battle Royale mode so he can fight against him as well. Utilizing his new knowledge of the Incarnate System Silver Crow manages to surprise and cut off one of his arms. Dusk Taker activates Silver Crow's wings in combination with pyro equipment and attacks Silver Crow also making mention of the group he is part of. Silver Crow then equips the Gale Thruster he received from Sky Raker, enabling him to face Dusk Taker in the air head on and manages to beat him with assistance from Cyan Pile. However, before Silver Crow can finish him off, Lime Bell appears and heals Dusk Taker shocking both Silver Crow and Cyan Pile.

11:05 - 11:30   Rinne no Lagrange 13
Plot Summary: [Source: Wikipedia] Madoka Kyouno, a schoolgirl from Kamogawa, is the sole member of the Jersey Club and always ready to help others out. One day, she is approached by an alien named Lan who asks her to pilot a robotic aircraft to defend mankind against an evil force.
Episode 13  "Kamogawa Days": As Yoko has her assistant scour the seabed in search of something, Madoka, unable to pilot Midori properly again, returns to Kamogawa to see the New Year in. Upon returning home, Madoka receives New Year's letters from Lan and Muginami, updating her about what's going on in their lives, to which Madoka makes a prompt reply. As the months pass by and Madoka moves up a year in school, Lan and Muginami visit an intergalactic replica of Kamogawa on the tourist planet Polyhedron. They soon run into each other and decide to search for a present for Madoka's birthday before parting ways once again. During the school's sports festival, Asteria arranges it to be viewed across space so that Madoka can show Lan and Muginami that everyone is doing fine. As Madoka's birthday arrives, she receives her gift from Lan and Muginami, a matching bracelet, before her friends and family throw her a surprise party. 

11:30 - 12:20     Chuunibyou demo Koi ga Shitai! 7-8
Plot Summary: [Source: Wikipedia] Yūta Togashi is a boy who, during junior high school, had 'adolescent delusions' (中二病 chūnibyō, lit. "junior high school second grade illness"), believing that he possesses supernatural powers and dubbing himself the 'Dark Flame Master,' therefore alienating himself from his classmates. Finding his past embarrassing, Yūta attempts to start off high school where he does not know anyone, free from his old delusions. This proves to be difficult, however, as a delusional girl in his class, Rikka Takanashi, learns of Yūta's past and becomes interested in him. As the plot progreses Rikka becomes more attached to Yūta, who despite finding her delusions irritating and embarrassing, accepts her. He helps Rikka with a number of things, including founding and maintaining her club and tutoring her. When he joins her on her summer vacation, Yūta learns that when Rikka was very young her father, whom she was very close to, died unexpectedly due to a terminal illness, causing her to fall into her delusions. After Yūta agrees to help Rikka search for the 'Ethereal Horizon' (不可視境界線 Fukashi Kyōkaisen), which she believes will lead her to her father, she becomes romantically interested in him and vice versa.
Episode 7 " "Reminiscence of...Paradise Lost": As Yūta and the others join Rikka on her summer vacation to visit her grandparents, he notices Rikka seems awfully quiet. As the gang goes to the beach, Yūta learns from Tōka that their father passed away from an illness three years ago, pointing out that Rikka still has not accepted her father's death and had refused to visit his grave. Wanting to help Rikka, Yūta helps her escape from the house and takes her to a place where she believed she saw her father three years ago. They arrive at the place where Rikka grew up, only to find her house had long since gone, as Tōka catches up with them to remind Rikka about the reality of the situation.
Episode 8 "The Couple's...Exile": As Tōka tries to force Rikka to accept that both their house and their father are gone, Yūta tells her that Rikka's delusions are not intended to run away from reality. Rikka then runs off, forcing Yūta to search for her, eventually finding her on a train headed back home. On the way, Yūta explains how he started his delusional behavior. Arriving home, Yūta discovers Rikka had forgotten her key and his family is out for the night, meaning the two will be alone for the night. As Yūta goes to the convenience store with Rikka, Makoto goes on a walk with Kumin and tries asking Yūta for advice, leading him to contemplate if he's in love with Rikka. As Yūta tries to put those thoughts behind him and sleep, Rikka appears to be harboring her own feelings for him.

12:20 - 1:10    Red Data Girl 1-2
Plot Summary: [Source: Wikipedia] The story revolves around Izumiko Suzuhara, a 15-year old girl who has been raised at Tamakura Shrine, part of the Kumano Shrines World Heritage Site. She destroys any electrical device that she comes into contact with. Despite being shy, she wants to try living in the city. Her guardian Yukimasa Sagara recommends that she enroll at Hōjō High School in Tokyo, accompanied by his son and Izumiko's childhood friend Miyuki Sagara. While in Tokyo, an entity named "Himegami" appears. Izumiko learns that she is a yorishiro, a vessel for a shinto spirit known as a kami, while Miyuki learns that he is a yamabushi, a warrior tasked with protecting her.
Episode 1 & 2: Izumiko and Miyuki meet Masumi Sōda, the divine spirit of the deceased brother of Manatsu and Mayura. Takayanagi arrives to confront the group, and Manatsu easily defeats Takayanagi and absorbs the spirits that he tortured and forced to serve him shocking Takayanagi. It is revealed that Masumi actually took the form of Manatsu so he could punish Takayangi for harming his sister. Masumi then proceeds to humiliate Takayanagi by slapping him repeatedly and warning him not to come after his family again. The next morning Izumiko and Miyuki talk about the Sōda triplets. Izumiko is happy that she finally has friends who are "special" like her and so is Miyuki. However he warns her not to tell them about the goddess possessing her and that the only reason the Sōda's told them who they really are is because they believe that Izumiko and Miyuki are partners and Miyuki is weak. Later on Sagara arrives to inform the two that he will become a teacher at their school. Miyuki is angry about this and proceeds to vent his feelings towards Izumiko, saddening her. The next day Sagara and Izumiko visit a shrine together and Sagara explains to Izumiko about the school and why it was created. After another confrontation with Miyuki, Izumiko goes for a walk and ends up singing in front of a building where she meets the current student council president Kisaragi Jean Honoka and the former student council president Murakami Hodaka. He urges her to wear makeup and dance for him. As she is about to refuse Miyuki bursts in and yells at Hodaka for making Izumiko do weird things. Izumiko becomes upset and confronts Miyuki with the feelings she has been holding in, calling him a jerk when he faults her for "crying to Yukimasa". Afterwards the goddess possessses Izumiko's body and seems to recognize Hodaka. She tells hims that he is not the judge, Izumiko is. She then turns to address Miyuki and tells him not to let Izumiko become the goddess or she will kill all humans.

1:10 - 1:50     Club Meeting / Announcements

-  Convention Announcements 
-  C2E2 Coverage
-  Animation News from around the world
-  Cosplayers/Skits/Masquerade
-  Anime Music Videos
-  And other weird, interesting stuff...

1:50 - 2:40    Sword Art Online 11-12
Plot Summary: [Source: Wikipedia] In the year 2022, the Virtual reality Massive Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game (VRMMORPG) Sword Art Online (SAO) is released. With the Nerve Gear, a virtual reality Helmet that stimulates the user's five senses via their brain, players can experience and control their in-game characters with their minds. On November 6, 2022, all the players log in for the first time, and discover that they are unable to log out. They are then teleported to a place where Kayaba Akihiko, the creator of SAO, issues them a challenge; if they wish to be free and log out of the game, they must reach the 100th floor of the game's tower and defeat the final boss. However, if their avatars die in game, their bodies will also die in the real world. The story follows Kirito, a skilled player who is determined to beat the game. As the game progresses Kirito eventually befriends a female player called Asuna who becomes his partner and lover. After the duo discovers the identity of Kayaba's avatar in SAO, the couple confronts and defeats him, freeing themselves and the other players from the game. Upon returning to the real world, Kirito learns that Asuna is trapped along a small group of SAO players against their will in another VRMMORPG called Alfheim Online (ALO) as a part of a plan devised by Nobuyuki Sugō with the intention of brainwashing Asuna and marry her in an attempt to take over her family's company. Helped by old friends from his time in SAO along new allies, Kirito manages to thwart Nobuyuki's plans and finally reunite with Asuna in the real world. Soon after, Kirito embarks in another VRMMORPG called Gun Gale Online (GGO) to investigate the mysterious connection between the game and deaths ocurring in the real world. He eventually discovers that the cuplrits behind the deaths include former members of a murderous guild he has previously confronted in SAO. After solving the murders in GGO, Kirito is recruited to assist in the development of a state-of-the-art game interface far more realistic and complex than those of the games he had previously played, but he eventually gets trapped in a game called UnderWorld (UW) where the flow of time is thousands of times faster than in the real world and is currently finding a way back to reality.
Episode 11 "The Morning Dew Girl": Kirito and Asuna go on vacation and stay at their new home in a secluded village in the 22nd floor. The couple later find a lost girl in the forest and see her suddenly collapse. As they approach the unconscious girl, they discover that she does not have a cursor above her, suggesting a glitch. They take the girl to their home. She wakes up the following day, but upon questioning from Asuna and Kirito, it is discovered that the girl cannot remember anything but her name, Yui. Yui, unable to pronounce Asuna and Kirito's name correctly, calls them "mama" and "papa" instead. Believing that she got separated from her family, Kirito and Asuna decide to head to the Town of Beginnings on the 1st floor to find Yui's relatives before they go back to the front lines. Instead, they find a young woman named Sasha and the children she's taking care of being extorted by the Army for taxes. Asuna attacks their leader, scaring him and the rest of the Army soldiers away. As Sasha and the children thank Asuna, Yui reaches towards the sky and repeats "Everyone's hearts..." several times. Asuna rushes over to ask Yui if she has remembered anything, and she tells Kirito and Asuna that she realizes she has never been to the Town of Beginnings before. Suddenly, Yui's eyes widen, and mysterious static sound affects everyone before Yui faints.
Episode 12  "Yui's Heart": Kirito, Asuna and Yui are resting at the church where Sasha takes care of the younger children, until Yulier, a high-ranking member from the Army, suddenly arrives. Yulier explains that the Army under their leader, Thinker, had good intentions of helping players but as the Army grew bigger, unscrupulous leaders within the Army began abusing their powers. Thinker was going to expel Kibaou over the Gleam Eyes incident, but the latter trapped him in a secret dungeon on the 1st floor. Yulier then asks Kirito and Asuna for help in a rescue. The couple accept and, upon arrival at Thinker's location in the dungeon, get attacked by a boss called "the Fatal Scythe". Kirito and Asuna tell Yulier to escape together with Thinker and Yui as they fight the boss, but it is too strong. As the boss is about to strike down Kirito, Yui jumps in between them. The boss attacks, but the boss is unable to damage her due to her being an "Immortal Object". Yui then promptly defeats the boss. After the battle, Yui tells Kirito and Asuna that she has finally regained her memories. She explains that she is an AI counselor created by the game's Cardinal system, whose purpose was to monitor and counsel the players on their mental state. On the day of game's launch, Cardinal refused to allow to her interact with the players, and she was forced to watch their mental states deteriorate. Sometime after, Yui learnt about the happiness of Asuna and Kirito and thus made an appearance in the 22nd floor forest to meet them. Despite the revelation, Asuna and Kirito still accept Yui as their daughter, but Yui bids them farewell when she realises that she is to be deleted for her interference in the game. Refusing to accept her deletion, Kirito uses the GM console Yui left behind to save Yui's data by turning her into a game item. With the data saved on his NerveGear local memory, Kirito and Asuna hope to recreate her in the real world.

2:40 - 3:30    Gargantia on the Verdurous Planet 1-2
Plot Summary: [Source: Wikipedia] In the distant future, mankind has taken to the stars and formed the Galactic Alliance of Humankind. The Alliance is currently engaged in a genocidal war with a plant-like alien species called the Hideauze. 16-year-old Ensign Ledo is a soldier for the Galactic Alliance, piloting a Machine Caliber, an AI-automated, humanoid-shaped battle suit, which he refers to as 'Chamber'. After a failed attempt by the Alliance forces to destroy an enemy super-weapon, Ledo is knocked into a wormhole and loses consciousness. When he awakens, he learns from Chamber that he has been in cryo-stasis for 6 months while his wounds were healing. Ledo learns that he and Chamber have been 'found' by a rag-tag band of 'primitive' human scavengers. Escaping, Ledo quickly discovers that he is on board a massive floating ship on an ocean covered planet. Chamber tells him that local star charts reveal the planet is Earth, the birth-place of humanity, a place members of the Alliance only knew of in stories and believed was a myth.
Episode 1 "Castaway": Humans have left Earth and have made a paradise in space, Avalon, as humanity's new home and created the Galactic Alliance of Humanity to expand their journey through it. A threat known as Hideauze appeared before the Alliance and a war rages between them. Ensign Ledo and his A.I. Robot Partner Chamber joins the latest attack against the Hideauze. The attack ultimately ends in failure and a retreat order is issued, but Ledo is unable to return and is cast out into space. 6 months later, the salvage ship Gargantia retrieves Chamber, but are unable to take it apart. After everyone leaves, Ledo decides to take a look around and gather intel on where he is, but is soon chased and kidnaps one of the crew, Amy. He is chased outside to find out he is on a habitable planet, which shocks him enough to release Amy. The crew pins him on a pylon, and he calls Chamber, which the entire crew is surprised to see moving and floating. 
Episode 2 "The Planet where it Began": Deciding to try and open a dialogue with these people, Ledo stays pinned to the pylon. They ask to talk to the Alliance in charge, but the crew have no idea what he is talking about and they believe that Chamber, who is translating, has another person inside. As Ridget, the commander, and the crew try to decide what to do, Amy gives Ledo food and begins talking. She explains that this is Earth, and when it was frozen over, some humans escaped to the stars while others stayed. Eventually, the ice melted and became a vast ocean, in which many people form fleets to salvage old technology from below. Looking for other items advanced technology, Ridget sends Bellows to the point where Chamber and Ledo Were found, and her ship is attacked by pirates. Amy asks Ledo to help them, and he agrees with the intention of earning their trust. Ledo boards Chamber and efficiently eliminate all enemies with no harm to Bellows' ship and crew, as Amy and the others watch in shock at its destructive power.

3:30 - 4:45    Attack on Titan 1-3
Plot Summary: [Source: Wikipedia] In an alternative, middle-ages setup, the human population is dwindling in numbers. With the advent of Titans, giant humanoid creatures that attack and devour any human on sight, what remains of civilization is protected by three concentric walls, hundreds of kilometers long and around fifty meters tall, called Wall Maria (the outermost wall), Wall Rose and Wall Sina (the innermost wall housing the capital). All efforts to expand the human territory beyond the walls have failed so far, but the citizens inside remained safe for a hundred years, until two unusual Titans, a colossal one, sixty meter tall and another one, covered with a hardened shell, break through Wall Maria, bringing the other Titans inside, forcing mankind to once again face its greatest threat to ensure its survival. The series follows the story of Eren Jeager, a young boy whose father disappears after his mother is killed during the fall of Wall Maria. Years later he enlists into the army, accompanied by his adopted sister Mikasa Ackerman and their childhood friend Armin Arlelt. When the Titans threaten to break further through Wall Rose, Eren discovers that he possesses the ability to temporarily transform himself into a Titan. Seen as a threat by some, and a ray of hope by others, Eren joins his companions in a war to protect what still remains of mankind, making use of his newfound power while looking for answers to the mysteries surrounding the Titans, the walls, and his own existence.
Episode 1 "To You Two Thousand Years Later (Fall of Shiganshina part 1)": For over a hundred years, humans have been living in a city surrounded by gigantic walls, which prevent the Titans, giant humanoid creatures who eat humans, from entering. Despite the city being safe and peaceful, young Eren Jaeger wishes to see the outside world by joining the Recon Corps, a group of soldiers that venture outside and fight Titans, as he sees living in the city forever like trapped cattle. Despite his foster sister Mikasa Ackerman and their mother Carla are against him in joining the Corps and even after seeing the Recon Corps returning home with large casualties, Eren stills wants to join them which impresses his father Grisha. After Eren and Mikasa save their friend Armin Arlelt from bullies due to his views that the walls won't protect them forever, a colossal Titan much taller than the walls suddenly appears and kicks the Shiganshina gate, allowing smaller Titans to enter. As the people run away from the Titans, Eren and Mikasa head to their home to save their mother as she is trapped under their collapsed house by the debris falling from the wall. Despite Carla begging her children to leave her and save themselves, they refuse and it is only after City Guard Hannes arrives and takes the children away against their wishes. Eren and Mikasa watch in horror as a Titan kills and eats their mother.
Episode 2  "That Day (Fall of Shiganshina part 2)": Hannes apologizes to Eren for not saving his mother as he was afraid of the Titan and both he and Mikasa are still weak children. The people of Shiganshina escape to Wall Maria, the city's outer wall while the soldiers try to hold off the Titans. Fearing the Titans might advance further, the soldiers order the gate to Wall Maria close despite Hannes protest that there are still refugees outside. However, a giant armored Titan rams into the gate, allowing the Titans to enter the lands of Wall Maria. As a result of the breach, the government orders all survivors from Wall Maria to evacuate into Wall Rose. Eren has a strange dream that his grieving father forcefully giving him an injection and his key before being waked up by Mikasa. Eren grows disgusted with the people of Wall Rose as the latter don't like giving their food to the refugees. But the next year, with not enough food to feed the people, the government orders the refugees to work at the farms or fight reclaiming Wall Maria which results in many deaths including Armin's grandfather. Eren vows revenge for what the Titans did and wants to kill them by joining the Army with Mikasa and Armin joining as well. A year later, Eren, Mikasa, Armin and many young recruits begin their training.
Episode 3  "A Dimming Light in Despair (Restoration of Mankind part 1)": Drill Instructor Keith Shadis begins inspecting the new recruits by verbally insulting and intimidating the weak ones. When Sasha Browse is caught eating a potato during the drill, she is punished to run around the camp until exhaustion. She is later taken back to bed by Ymir and Christa Renz. Eren has a rivalry with Jean Kirschtein, as the latter wants to join the Military Police because their only job is to protect the inner city walls, whom Eren finds cowardly. The recruits begin training using 3D Maneuver Gear by maintaining their balance in the air. Eren has trouble balancing his Gear, so he asks Reiner Braun and Bertholt Fubar for help. As Reiner and Bertholt give advice to Eren, the three of them, including Armin, head to a nearby lake. Both reveal that they came from a town that was not warned of the Titans' attack. Despite surviving, Reiner wants to go back to their hometown. Bertholt, on the other hand, was traumatized by the Titans and wants to join the police to avoid encountering them. The next day, Eren tries the Maneuver Gear again and succeeds for a while before falling once more. Much to everyone's surprise, Keith discovers that Eren's Gear was actually defective and after equipping another recruit's working Gear, he proves to indeed have the aptitude to use it. The fact that Eren could maintain his balance even for a few seconds with a faulty Gear impresses Keith and the other recruits. Proud of the recruits who succeeded, Keith further continues their training with the Maneuver Gear.

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  1. Attack on Titan! YES!! :D
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