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Tuesday, March 8, 2022

There's more than just being cute...

Shikimori's Not Just a Cutie
Izumi and Shikimori are a typical lovey-dovey high school couple, that is, until Izumi clumsily falls into trouble. Then Shikimori turns into a very cool heroine that makes everyone's heart beat.
Izumi remarks how Shikimori is very cute but sometimes she's not, causing her to pout about it until she saves him from getting hit from a speeding car. At school, Shikimori saved Izumi from getting hit on the head with an eraser; when she leaves for the restroom, Izumi's classmates poke fun of how ordinary he is, but when Shikimori returns she gives them a scary glare not to mess with them. With the wind blowing, they talk about what happened, but then Shikimori saves Izumi from a falling sign. Izumi hopes to impress Shikimori on a movie date but the film is a horror movie and he finds himself being comforted by her. Izumi mentions to Shikimori how cool she looks playing basketball, which inspires Shikimori to take her game seriously. Izumi thinks back to the day they met when she retrieved his high school entrance exam ticket. Izumi gives on a Christmas date but forgets his gloves. They go together to the new year's shrine visit. They go skiing. Their class has a bean throwing event, but when Shikimori slips, Izumi ends up bumping his chin on her head. Izumi can't focus on his studying because Shikimori is wearing glasses. When Izumi mentions he likes some fashion idol on a billboard, Shikimori changes her look. Shikimori looks after Izumi while he rests in the nurse's office. Izumi tries to take a cool picture of Shikimori during the flower viewing event. Izumi tries Shikimori's bento but realizes she can't cook. Then, Izumi's parents have Shikimori over for Izumi's birthday...

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