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Saturday, April 22, 2023

More Disturbing News About Disney's Lucasfilm...

Is Kathleen Kennedy Making Star Wars into her own Image
and basically ERASING the Legacy of George Lucas?
Star Wars is in a shambles these days, partly because of how bad Mando Season 3 was, and largely because of Kennedy's announcement of a new Rey movie allegedly in the works. While the truth of this announcement is debatable, there's no debating that Kennedy is trying to get this project off the ground, and is pushing hard for a finished script. Well my friends, a source has come forward and delivered some horrible alleged details of the proposed plot for this Rey movie, a plot designed to further damage George Lucas' legacy with a NEW Luke and Leia. Here is what I've been told, although I am presenting this solely as rumor, and you should absolutely take it with a grain of salt!
Here are Key Moments of the Video:
4:46    Alleged Rey Movie Details  
6:11    Kathleen Kennedy wants to make Star Wars in her Image...
7:03    NEW Luke and Leia?

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