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Tuesday, June 27, 2023

"The tides are true as the ocean is deep..."

A Race Against Time... The Battle for Xadia Continues...
[Source: Collider] The animated series follows princes Callum and Ezran, and an elven assassin named Rayla, as they unexpectedly join forces to protect the baby dragon prince, Zym. In their travels to reunite Zym with his mother, they find themselves at the center of the 1000-year conflict between the human kingdoms and the magical creatures of their realm, Xadia. The third season ended with our central trio achieving their goal of returning Zym while ending long-lasting feuds between some of the kingdoms.
As the series progresses, Ezran becomes king, while Callum masters the art of magic. The trio (plus Bait) continue fighting for peace, but Viren, a former high council member, plots to take the throne. As we reach Season 4, Viren is defeated, and everything seems like it will end happily ever after. Unfortunately, we get a short time skip and learn that Viren’s daughter, Claudia, has brought him back to life under the command of Aaravos, an evil Startouch Elf.
Season 4 of The Dragon Prince marks the start of a new chapter in the story, The Mystery of Aaravos is about establishing the new status quo as our characters have moved on since the conclusion of Season 3. Rayla, Callum, Ezran, Zym, and Soren must settle their differences and once again save the world from the wrath of Aaravos.
The Dragon Prince will return for its fifth season on July 27, 2023.

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