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Wednesday, June 12, 2019

The Reward: Tales of Alethrion

The Tales of Alethrion proloque "The First Hero" is about Alethrion, whom the land is named after, and a lovely backpacker girl called Amerath. They are the original creators of the map which we see later in The Reward, carried by Vito and Wilhelm. It is the first tale that takes place long before many of the other episodes in the series which we hope to get funded through Kickstarter. 

In the small village of Tohan, the young boy Wilhelm is wasting his life on everyday business. Suddenly a glorious hero rides by him. As the boy watches the knight in total admiration the hero accidentally drops a treasure map. Wilhelm picks it up, but sees that another boy, Vito, has also claimed the map. They rip the map into two pieces by accident and end up with one part each. With a half each, they are forced to travel after the treasure on an epic quest together, in hope of becoming as glorious as the hero...

The gods create a demi god called Ruden with the purpose of stopping an evil rising inside of Alethrion (from "The First Hero"). Amerath, Alethrion's ex girlfriend, finds Ruden caught in a bottle amoung her former lover's old stuff. Ruden is hurt and can't get his magic to work, but is still determined to find and stop the evil inside of Alethrion. Amerath is not interested in that, but decides to take care of Ruden over a summer. During this period he is healing and restoring his magical abilities. They become friends and Ruden's mission becomes less important to him because of her. One day, Ruden has restored his powers but decides to stay with Amerath and enjoy life instead. This ends when Alethrion reaches and kills Ruden's creator, also resulting in the death of Ruden. Before he dies, Ruden passes on all of his magical abilities to Amerath. She now has the power of vision and sees her ex boyfriend's horrible new path. She decides to confront him and do what Ruden didn't manage to do in time.

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