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Tuesday, September 17, 2019

Details Revealed About Avatar 2

The AVATAR Sequels
James Cameron has been promising a series of Avatar sequels for roughly a decade, and audiences are still waiting.

We've already heard quite a few tidbits about what the upcoming films will entail — and we've rounded up all the rumors and spoilers right here.

James Cameron clearly wasn't interested in churning out another Avatar sequel just for the sake of it. Since 2010, he's been dropping hints about what the future of the franchise involves — and it's an increasingly ungainly vision that includes several movie sequels, novels, and much more. Details are often frustratingly vague — heck, even the release dates keep changing.

In fact, trying to pin down exactly when we'll get to see Avatar 2 and its many sequels is something of a fool's errand. Back in 2010, Cameron said the next two films would be coming out in December 2014 and December 2015, respectively. But when January 2015 rolled around with no sign of Avatar 2, he said the sequels had been delayed… but they'd be coming out in 2017 — probably. Later in 2015, Cameron also hinted that there'd be an Avatar 5.

He also claimed that Christmastime would officially be Avatar-time… because Avatar 2 would be coming out on Christmas 2018. Of course, that didn't happen. Then, in April 2017, the timeline shifted again — and Cameron announced we could expect Avatar 2 on December 18th, 2020. Is your head spinning yet? Keep watching the video for more details revealed about Avatar 2!

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