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Sunday, September 4, 2022

(My last day) Official Music Video

by ユアネス - yourness -

""My Last Day"" is the 12th track from the "6 case" album released by yourness. It was released on December 1, 2021.
Animation / Movie: AOYAMA ( )
Direction: Shohei Koga

Lyrics & Music : Shohei Koga
Sound produce : Shunsuke Tsuri ( agehasprings )
Programming & All other instruments : Shunsuke Tsuri ( agehasprings )
Recording & Mix : Daichi Tokunaga ( LOCK WORK RECORD )
Recording & Mix Studio : ONGAKUDO PLUM
Mastering : Yuji Chinone ( SONY MUSIC STUDIO )

Vocal & Guitar : Yuji Kurokawa
Guitar & Programming : Shohei Koga
Bass : Yudai Tanaka
Drums : Takahiro Ono
I don't need a manuscript
I can't finish drawing
I don't even need a script
I know I'm not good at it

It doesn't have to be dubbed
It's not going to be like a movie
I don't need an ending
I don't need an unanswered ending

I'm sure I won't be whining
A bad habit of speaking vaguely and hiding
I can't say I promise
I crumpled and put it away

I know
that your noisy voice
is a bit softer
and shaking
That's not how you are
Don't say that now
I was truly happy, too

So let's put away
those sad tears
Let me act like a child
at least for today
So don't smile
with such a sad face
Ah, I'm sorry
You were crying because of me

Still it's lonely
I wish I could hide and take
my favorite movies
and dramas
I'm sure you don't need them
I can't lose all the love
I received from you

So put away those sad tears
and let me act like a child
at least for one last time
So please don't smile
with such a kind face
Ah, I'm sorry
You were crying because of me

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