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Thursday, February 25, 2010

Bubblegum Crisis - Live Action Movie Announced

There is a "Bubblegum Crisis" and these six nations are doing something about it! (Source:

It is going to take the collective power of six nations to make a live adaptation of the cyberpunk anime series Bubblegum Crisis.
The full reach of Singapore's network of international co-production treaties will be called on in order to produce "Bubblegum Crisis," a live-action adaptation of a Japanese cyberpunk anime series. Producers from six countries signed off Thursday in Cannes on an accord to make the $30 million English-language picture, which is set for delivery in early 2012. Wrangled by Benjamin Toh of Singapore's Axxis International, who acts as exec producer, the deal brings together Tokyo-based Anime International Company Australia's Arclight Films, Canada's Wizzfilms, China's Infotainment China Media Co. and the U.K.'s Latec International.
Producers from six countries? Too many chefs spoil the broth? Filming will happen in Australia and Mokko Studio in Montreal, Quebec will handle post.

Not familiar with Bubblegum Crisis? Read on... The eight-episode series begins in early 2032, seven years after an earthquake has split Tokyo in two. During the first episode, disparities in wealth are shown to be more pronounced than in previous periods in post-war Japan. Genom is a fictional corporation, shown to have immense power. Genom's main product are Boomers: artificial beings used for manual labor. While Boomers are intended to serve mankind, they become deadly instruments in the hands of ruthless individuals. The AD Police are tasked to deal with Boomer-related crimes. A recurring theme of the series is the inability of the department to deal with threats due to political infighting, red tape, and an insufficient budget. The Knight Sabers are analogues of the all-female sentai fighting teams, and as such were depicted as having tremendous combat abilities using powered armor suits. Throughout the OVA series, they battle against long odds to overcome grave threats and preserve the overall safety of Megatokyo. Wikipedia

No word on director and cast yet. A spokesman for the project said the cast will feature two male leads and a quartet of female action babes -- two Caucasian and two Asian. I wish I was more familiar with the OVA so I could shout out and start recommending potential cast members. If you're a fan of the show who do you think should be cast in it?

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