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Saturday, February 13, 2010

Rin: Daughters of Mnemosyne

Highly Recommended!

(WARNING -- Contains Mature Content)

The DVD Box Collection of this incredible series is currently available. Mnemosyne tells the story of a group of immortal women who struggle to survive against the angels who wish to kill them. This anime is the cutting edge of where Japanese animation can bring us in terms of story, characterization, and action. This is definitely not for the faint-of-heart. It is bloody and violent, but with a fascinating tale of intrigue and mystery. The story revolves around Rin, a young woman gifted with immortality by the seed of Mnemosyne, a gigantic tree, invisible to human eyes. Its seeds float about the world like pollen. If they enter a human body, there is a startling transformation. They become immortal. Such a seed had entered Rin's body many years ago, granting her rapid regenerative abilities. She cannot die as long as the seed is within her. She has been alive for hundreds of years, hiding amongst the human population and trying to live a normal life. But there are those who seek her and others like her, in order to steal the seeds within them and become gods. But the seed can be a curse as well as a gift. If the seed were to enter a man, the transformation is different. They become angels, but not the good kind. They are winged monsters whose only desire is to find the immortal women, copulate with them in violent passion, and devour their flesh (literally). For the women, the sexual attraction toward the angels is so powerful, they cannot resist. But they must resist... or die. And someone has been using the angels to collect the seeds from the daughters of Mnemosyne and eliminate the immortal women once and for all. No one is safe. Every human who has ever been close to Rin has become a target. The trail of murders is leading closer and closer to its final goal. And Rin uses all of her experience and cunning in order to survive this war of the immortals. Her battles have become increasingly bloody and devastating, especially for her. She has survived gunshot wounds, knife wounds, decapitation, dismemberment, and even being blown to bits by a bomb. Each time her body draws its pieces together, reassembling, reattaching, realigning, and rebuilding Rin in painful, agonizing moments. It is astonishingly gruesome, but well worth the price of victory over her foes. As the years go by, Rin sees her human friends grow old and pass away, while she remains forever young. Her happiness is but a fleeting moment in the mortal world. Her friends, her lovers, all gone through the passage of time. But it is those brief moments that she treasures the most and those loved ones she wishes to save. For their happiness, rather than hers. How can it possibly end for Rin the immortal? Only in a way appropriate for the Daughter of Mnemosyne.
(Contains adult situations, sexual content, nudity, and violence)

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