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Thursday, July 15, 2010

Ryan Reynolds As Green Lantern!

[Written by Mike Ryan] Green Lantern's alter ego, Hal Jordan, was known as the man who knew no fear. Ryan Reynolds, who is the star of the movie of the same name, is living up to that reputation. In new a new photo showing Reynolds in his "Green" getup, which hugs his every muscular ripple, little is left to the imagination.

The buzz for next summer's blockbuster-in-the-making reached a fever pitch this week when photos of Reynolds as Green Lantern emerged -- particularly the one that graces the cover of the July 23 issue of Entertainment Weekly. At first glance, even a casual fan might notice that Reynolds's costume has a painted-on look. That's because it is digitally "painted" onto the actor's body.

For filming, Reynolds' actual costume that he wears on set is full of sensors, much like the suits that athletes wear when lending their on-field moves to video games. After the scenes are shot, the sensors allow for the costume to be added via post-production technology. The reveal of Reynolds' computer-created costume has garnered reactions that range from praise to saying the thing makes Reynolds look a little "silly."

Soon after the EW cover emerged, a second set of photos were released, featuring Reynolds with his co-star and on-screen love interest, Blake Lively. Lively -- who, to the chagrin of her admirers, appears fully clothed in the photos -- plays Carol Ferris, the daughter of an aerospace tycoon who hires Hal Jordan as a test pilot. The photos also depict co-stars Peter Sarsgaard, Tim Robbins, and Angela Bassett as their "Green Lantern" characters.

This version of "Green Lantern" is, thankfully, a far cry from what was almost unleashed upon the world around five years ago. Jack Black, not a man known for his physical prowess, was originally cast as Green Lantern in what was to be a spoof described as a "zany comedy version a la 'The Mask.'" Black and Warner Bros. (also the studio behind 2011's "Green Lantern") eventually scrapped the idea because of pressure from DC Comics (the creators of "Green Lantern") and the backlash over Black's casting.

For those not in the know: Green Lanterns (yes, plural) are basically an intergalactic police squad that divided the universe into 3,800 sectors. Hal Jordan, an Earth-based test pilot, is selected by the Green Lantern Corp. to patrol sector 2814. Every Green Lantern is given a power ring that is capable of creating a quasi- energy-beam version of whatever the user desires. If Hal Jordan wants to fight crime with a giant corkscrew, the power ring will create a giant corkscrew.

"Green Lantern" is due for a June 2011 release. On July 24, at Comic Con in San Diego, the cast (Reynolds, along with co-stars Blake Lively, Peter Sarsgaard, Mark Strong and director Martin Campbell) will be making their first public appearances associated with the film. It's unclear if Ryan will be looking like the lean, green fighting machine he is on the EW cover: according to Us Weekly, Reynolds separated his shoulder earlier this week during a mishap on the film's New Orleans set.

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