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Friday, December 26, 2014

Amazing Star Citizen Game Trailer

S T A R   C I T I Z E N
  • [Source:] A new trailer for the high-concept space trading and combat simulator Star Citizen has been revealed, and there’s really just one word to describe it: Wow.
  • The developers claim all the footage in the trailer is taken from the in-game engine — meaning none of this is pre-rendered — and it is positively breathtaking. The game itself is set in the 30th century and centers around the fictional United Empire of Earth (UEE). From space battles to politics and first-person shooting action, it’s all here in spades.
  • Star Citizen looks to be one of those insanely ambitious games in the vein of Destiny, but potentially a whole lot more ambitious by the time it’s actually finished. If that’s even possible. It comes from the mind of Chris Roberts, the guy who created the acclaimed 1990 videogame Wing Commander, so the pedigree is definitely there. 
  • The game is set to hit shelves in 2016 for PC, and was born as a massively successful crowdfunding project, eventually raising a mind-boggling $67 million of an initial $500,000 goal. It will also be Oculus Rift compatible, meaning it should feature all the virtual-reality space battles your heart desires.

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  1. I'm personally waiting for "No Man's Sky" on the Playstation 4 myself, I'm not much of a PC gamer (nor will ever have the rig to play high graphical games like that)