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The Animatrix Network is an anime & manga fan club located in the Southwest suburbs of Chicago, Illinois. We usually meet on the third Saturday of each month (except when holidays or conventions coincide). The meetings are free and open to the public. Join us for a day filled with anime.

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Wednesday, October 19, 2022

Anime Viewing Schedule for October 22, 2022

 A N I M A T R I X   N E T W O R K
Saturday, October 22, 2022
Fountaindale Public Library
          11:10 - 12:05   Made in Abyss: Season 2 Eps 5-6
          12:05 - 12:55   Ghost in the Shell: SAC Season 2 Eps 7-8
          12:55 - 1:30     Club Meeting
          1:30 - 2:20       Call of the Night 3-4
          2:20 - 2:45       Lycoris Recoil 7 
          2:45 - 4:40       Drifting Home (Movie)

"Yeah, let your fingers do the walking... to the next club meeting!"
Fountaindale Public Library
300 W. Briarcliff Road
Bolingbrook, IL 60440 
Board Room, Second Floor 
From 11:10 AM to 5:00 PM

All anime presented are fan-subtitled unless otherwise noted.
Don't miss the exciting anime series: Lycoris Recoil and Made in Abyss
11:15 - 12:05   Made in Abyss: Season 2 Eps 5-6
Made in Abyss
Plot Summary: An orphaned girl named Riko lives in the Belchero Orphanage in the town of Orth. The town surrounds a strange, giant hole descending deep into the earth, which is known as the Abyss. The Abyss harbors artifacts and remnants of civilizations long gone, and is, therefore, a popular hunting spot for so-called Cave Raiders, who undertake arduous and dangerous descents into the mist-filled pit to recover whatever relics they can find. Returning from the Abyss can be dangerous as "the Curse of the Abyss," a mysterious and potentially fatal malady, manifests upon ascension. The deeper one goes, the more acute the effects of the curse; few who have descended into the lower regions have returned to tell of their experiences. Some legendary Cave Raiders earn the title of White Whistles, one of them being Riko's mother, Lyza, who is presumed dead after taking a "last descent" into the Abyss. Riko's longing in life is to follow in her mother's footsteps and become a White Whistle. One day, she discovers a robot resembling a human boy in the first layer of the Abyss and names him Reg. Riko and her friends sneak Reg into Belchero and quickly welcome him into their close-knit group. Sometime later, a number of findings are made from the depths of the Abyss, including Lyza’s White Whistle and pages of discoveries and observations she had made, as well as a message presumably for Riko, stating she is waiting at the bottom of the Abyss. Riko, determined to find her mother, bids farewell to her friends and secretly departs into the Abyss with Reg as her companion. 
12:05 - 12:55   Ghost in the Shell: SAC Season 2 Eps 7-8
Ghost in the Shell: SAC Season 2
Plot Summary: The team had been detained while being unknowingly sent to apprehend one of the post-humans by the American government. Major and her team were later rescued by Chief Aramaki and their previous teammate, Togusa.

12:55 - 1:30     Club Announcements
Anime Halloween
Cyberpunk: Edgerunners
Movie Trailers
New Anime for Fall 2022

1:30 - 2:20    Call of the Night 3-4
Call of the Night
Plot Summary: Unable to sleep or find true satisfaction in his daily life, Ko Yamori stops going to school and begins wandering the streets at night. He encounters a girl named Nazuna Nanakusa, a vampire who shows Ko the joys of being a night-walker. This results in Ko wanting to be a vampire as well, but in order to achieve his goal he must first fall in love with her.

2:20 - 2:45    Lycoris Recoil 7
Lycoris Recoil
Plot Summary: A Japanese café in Tokyo serves delicious coffee, super sweet treats and something more. From making local deliveries to chaperoning to getting rid of zombies and even fighting a giant monster, whatever the problem and no matter the order, leave it to them.
2:45 - 4:45    Drifting Home (Feature Presentation)
Plot Summary: Kosuke Kumagaya and Natsume Touchi, both 11 years old, are childhood friends who grew up like siblings. The relationship between the two began to be strained after the death of Kosuke's grandfather, Yasuji. One day during the summer vacation, Kosuke and his classmates, Taishi, Yuzuru, Reina, and Juri, sneak into the "ghost housing complex" that has been slated for demolition. The housing complex was also a house full of memories where Kosuke and Natsume grew up. Kosuke unexpectedly encounters Natsume there and hears about the existence of a mysterious boy named Noppo in the complex. The group argues and heavy rain ensues. After the rain had stopped, the housing complex was suddenly drifting in the middle of the ocean.

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