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Thursday, August 17, 2017

Celebrating 100 Years of Anime

Los Angeles Anime Film Festival
Celebrates 100 Years of Anime
[Source: ToonZone] Did you know anime is now 100 years old? Don’t you think that sounds like a good excuse to throw as many landmark anime films on the big screen at the same time?

Then you’re way ahead of the Los Angeles Anime Film Festival (LA-AFF), which features a blockbuster lineup of anime hits, one after another, starting tomorrow. The LA-AFF takes place September 15th through the 17th and all programs will be showcased at the Regal L.A. LIVE: A Barco Innovation Center in Downtown Los Angeles.

The festival begins with the North American debut of No Game No Life Zero and wraps up with Akira, and is sandwiched in the middle with My Neighbor Totoro, Summer Wars, Ghost in the Shell, Cowboy Bebop: The Movie and more. Here’s the full schedule and lineup:

Opening Gala Screening – Friday, September 15 No Game No Life Zero, dir. Atsuko Ishizuka, Japan, 2017
*North American Premiere
Namakura Gatana (Special Presentation)
Closing Film – Sunday, September 17 Akira, dir. Katsuhiro Otomo, Japan, 1988
Festival Lineup 009 Re:Cyborg 3D, dir. Kenji Kamiyama, Japan, 2012 Anohana: The Flower We Saw That Day, dir. Tatsuyuki Nagai, Japan 2013 Cowboy Bebop: The Movie, dir. Shinichirō Watanabe, Hiroyuki Okiura, Yoshiyuki Takei, Japan, 2001 Ghost in the Shell, dir. Mamoru Oshii, Japan, 1995 Ghost in the Shell 2: Innocence, dir. Mamoru Oshii, Japan, 2004 (35mm) Kiki’s Delivery Service, dir. Hayao Miyazaki, Japan, 1989 King of Prism by PrettyRhythm dir. Masakazu Hishida, Japan, 2016
*North American Premiere
Love Live! The School Idol Movie, dir. Takahiko Kyogoku, Japan, 2015 Metropolis, dir. Rintaro, Japan, 2001 Miss Hokusai, dir. Keiichi Hara, Japan, 2015 My Neighbor Totoro, dir. Hayao Miyazaki, Japan, 1988 Paprika, dir. Satoshi Kon, Japan, 2006 (35mm) Pigtails, dir. Yoshimi Itazu, Japan, 2015 Porco Rosso, dir. Hayao Miyazaki, Japan, 1992 Red Turtle, dir. Michaël Dudok de Wit, France/Belgium/Japan, 2016 Summer Wars, dir. Mamoru Hosoda, Japan, 2009
Tickets for each individual screening are now available at

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