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Sunday, April 15, 2018

If Adventure Time Were Made in China...

The Legend of Lucky Pie
Episode One: "Who Makes That Voice?"
This is the first episode of our animation series, was released in Jan 2015. We are a small team from China, there are two full-time and one part-time. We love animation, especially the American style. We hope that we can make some story fun, humorous and full of Chinese philosophy. We sincerely hope that you will like the animation and the adventure story of Lucky and Pie. We also hope that you will follow us although the update is very slowly. Hahahaha..

Episode Two: "The Zodiac Maze"
Talking about the star sign, most people only know very little; It is like venturing into a maze: hunting for a treasure while being lost. Lucky is obsessed with star signs while Ah Pie knows nothing about it. What will they find inside?

Episode Three: "If It's the Last Thing I Poo"
Because of the language differences between Chinese and English, it takes us lot of time to make one episode cartoon dubbed in English. Thanks for the professional and patient of the voice actors, and their dedication and hard work. They bring us an incredible English Dubbed version. We hope you will like it, your comments and suggestions will give us the huge help! Episode 04 is currently in production, we believe that you will see it soon. We also hope that the English dubbed version will be released at the same time with the Chinese version.

Episode Four: "ALIENS"
Here is the fourth episode of our cartoon. Thank you for your patience, you will find something interesting after you watch this episode. This is what we hope and look forward to. We have started the fifth episode making. Maybe it is the last episode of this cartoon series if we still not find any invest. If you like this cartoon series and hope to watch more story of Lucky and Pie. Please share it with your friends. More share and more views can help us to have a better chance of securing money for continued making. It took us three years to make four episodes cartoon. Our fate is in your hands, thank you so much!

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