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Friday, December 13, 2019

POV Experience of Galaxy Edge's Newest Ride

Here's the FULL Ride-Through of Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance at Walt Disney World's Star Wars Galaxy's Edge on opening day, December 5, 2019.

The attraction is located in the area of Galaxy's Edge known as the ancient ruins on the outskirts of Black Spire Outpost, which includes a Resistance encampment. Its entrance is marked by a turret that leads guests — acting as new recruits — to a path heading into ancient caves that house a Resistance control center where they are given a mission by BB-8 and a hologram of Rey. The briefing also includes Poe Dameron, Nien Nunb, and Mon Calamari Lieutenant Bek, all appearing on video screens. Guests then walk past ships, including Dameron's X-wing fighter, and board a transport ship for the first portion of the ride. Onboard, Bek speaks to guests as Nien Nunb pilots the ship, which is escorted by Dameron and other X-wings. Dameron is forced to go for help when the transport and fighters are attacked by a First Order Star Destroyer which appears to capture the guests' ship and pull it inside a hangar bay filled with stormtroopers. The recruits then are brought into a cell where Kylo Ren and Armitage Hux discuss their interrogation. Then with help from Finn, disguised as a stormtrooper, the recruits board a hijacked First Order Fleet Transport (an eight-seat ride vehicle) piloted by an R5 unit to travel to an escape pod.  

The ride begins with Finn explaining how to get to the escape pods. The two transports exit the loading station where they pass two other empty transports heading into the loading station, with Bek speaking to the riders through the vehicles' radio. They enter another room where a probe droid nearly spots them. However, when about to reach two lifts, two stormtroopers do. The stormtroopers attempt to blast at the transports but fail as the transports escape. They enter the next room which includes two AT-ATs. The door leading out of the room closes before the transports can pass through. The stormtroopers spot the transports again and attempt to blast at them. An audio-animatronic Finn in a stormtrooper suit helps the guests as the transports split up and enter two lifts. Finn tells them to go down, but they go up instead. One of the vehicles is spotted by an AT-AT pilot and is almost blasted. 

In the next room, Kylo Ren and General Hux are seen atop the ship's bridge discussing the situation. Suddenly, a Resistance ship fleet appears and Kylo notices the transports. The riders attempt to escape, but Kylo jumps down in front of them and ignites his lightsaber as the transports enter two lifts, though the doors close in front of them before he can get to them. As the lifts go down, Kylo's lightsaber suddenly cuts through the ceiling as they escape. The riders then enter a room with three cannons firing at the Resistance, which they pass under and make it into the next room where Kylo uses the Force on the transports, demanding that they tell him the whereabouts of the Resistance Base. Suddenly, a hole is blasted into the wall, which attempts to suck Kylo into space as debris falls over him. The transports enter the next room and enter the escape pods, where the ride turns into a motion simulator. After seeing two other pods ejecting, the riders' pods drop and escape back onto Batuu. The transports exit the simulator and enter the hangar, where an animatronic Bek is seen in his escape pod, having just crash-landed in the base. They then enter the unload station where the ride ends.

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