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Sunday, June 27, 2021

Mako Mankanshoku's best moments (dubbed)

Mako Mankanshoku's best moments from Kill La Kill

Ryuko Matoi, a vagrant transfer student armed with a scissor-shaped longsword that can cut Goku Uniforms, arrives to Honnou City in search for the murderer of her father Isshin Matoi and assumes Satsuki might be connected. Ryuko is joined by her hyperactive classmate Mako Mankanshoku, a no-star student who lets Ryuko move in with her impoverished family, and her homeroom teacher Aikuro Mikisugi, who is actually an undercover agent of the paramilitary organization Nudist Beach (ヌーディスト・ビーチ, Nūdisuto Bīchi).

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