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Thursday, June 24, 2021

Super Cub Is the Most Underrated Anime of 2021

The series is set in the Mukawa area of Hokuto in Yamanashi Prefecture, Japan. The story follows Koguma, a lonely high school girl with no hobbies or interests. After an encounter with a Honda Super Cub 50, she begins to grow and her world expands beyond herself. 
"No Giant Robots, No High Tech Gadgets, No Martial Arts, No Swords, No Guns, No Magic, No Explosions,
No Violence of Any Kind... 
And Yet, This is the BEST ANIME of 2021 (so far)."
- anim8trix
Super Cub is the most underrated Spring 2021 anime, and we want to fix that in this Super Cub review. In the Super Cub anime, Koguma gets a motorcycle and it changes her life forever. Super Cub has stunning animation, sound design, and voice acting, and it's a beautiful slice of life anime with a relaxed pace. 

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  1. Been watching this too, a very easy-going series to watch although it doesn't beat out "Yuru Camp".