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Sunday, February 22, 2015

The 7 Coolest Toys of Toy Fair 2015

[Source: Yahoo!News] The 112th Annual North American International Toy Fair is officially over, which means we’ll have to wait another year before we can run around New York’s Jacob K. Javits Convention Center playing with toys for work.
And you know what? That’s fine by us, because we’re still trying to wrap our heads around all of the awesome, fun, and awesomely fun toys we saw at this year’s show.
We’re talking everything from the classics, like toy soldiers and stuffed animals, to lifelike robotic kittens and go-carts built for adults. Heck, there was even a 20-foot-tall Batman statue standing guard over a 7-foot-tall statue of Jeff Bridges’ character from The Big Lebowski. In other words, it was a blast.

1. Zoomer Kitty
So your kids want a kitten, but you don’t want to deal with the vet bills, hairballs, or messy litter box. Never fear, because Spin Master has your back in the form of its $100 Zoomer Kitty.

Photo: Darren Weaver
A robotic kitten that responds to touch, nuzzles your hand, chases a ball, and pounces, Zoomer Kitty is the closest thing you can get to a real-life kitten without the endless shedding.

2. MiPosaur
Dinosaurs may have died out millions of years ago, but don’t tell that to WowWee’s $120 MiPosaur. This robotic T. rex balances on two wheels like a Segway, responds to touch and sound, and even chases after you if you’re too rough with it.

Photo: Darren Weaver
An included ball controller lets you select different play modes ranging from chase the ball to feeding mode, while a free iOS and Android app lets your dino do battle with other MiPosaurs. You can even drive the little guy around like a toy car. Pretty rad.

3. Geoworld’s T. rex
OK, this one isn’t exactly a toy you can buy, but it’s too cool not to mention. Geoworld’s $8,000, 10-foot-long animatronic T. rex is actually meant for use as an in-store display for the company’s Dr. Steve Hunters toy line.

Photo: Darren Weaver
But with its lifelike movements and motion detector, we were more curious about this king-sized dino than about anything else. Don’t stick your hands in its mouth, though. Those teeth are sharp.

4. Hello Barbie
This year, Barbie is getting more than a new wardrobe. The $75 Hello Barbie is a new take on Mattel’s classic that can carry on a simulated conversation with your child.

(Associated Press)
The feature works via the doll’s built-in Wi-Fi antenna, which allows Barbie to connect to the Internet. When your child holds a button on Barbie’s belt, the conversation is processed and an appropriate reply is sent back, which Barbie then speaks out loud.

5. Moff bracelet
The $54 Moff bracelet is a slap band that takes air guitar to a whole other level. The motion-activated bracelet lets your kid rock out to Jimi Hendrix, tear it up on the drums, and even have a sword fight by simply moving his wrist.

Photo by Darren Weaver)
It works by connecting to Moff’s free iOS and Android app, which your child can then use to select the sound he wants the bracelet to make. Pick sword fighting, and you’ll hear a sword cut through the air whenever your kid moves her wrist.

6. Meccanoid
When the robot revolution destroys our world, you’ll know who is to blame: the folks at Meccano and their Meccanoid do-it-yourself robots.

Photo: Darren Weaver
Available in 4-foot and 2-foot (the Mini Meccanoid is under $200) versions, the Meccanoid is a robot that your child builds using Erector-set-style metal pieces and motors. Once it’s built, your kid can program the Meccanoid to perform specific movements, either through an app or by physically manipulating the robot’s limbs.
Your kid can even give her future robot overlord a cool catchphrase with the Meccanoid’s built-in voice recorder.

7. Razor Crazy Cart XL
Not every toy at the North American International Toy Fair is made for children. Take Razor’s Crazy Cart XL, for instance. This adult-sized go-cart zooms to speeds of up to 17 miles per hour and features a drift bar that slides the cart on one wheel whenever you pull it.

Photo: Darren Weaver
It’s a heck of a ride but will cost you a pretty penny at $800. Still, it’s totally worth the cash just to be able to fling this thing around like a professional racer.

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