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Saturday, September 17, 2016

Cannon Busters: The Animated Series

C A N N O N   B U S T E R S
Explore the fantastic land of Gearbolt as we follow a motley crew of travelers on an unforgettable journey to reunite 2 best friends. S.A.M. is a high-end, friendship robot, determined to reunite with her best friend Kelby, the missing heir to her Kingdom under siege. Casey Turnbuckle is an out-dated, spunky greasy-monkey repair robot, looking for an upgrade. Philly the Kid is a wanted, immortal fugitive just looking for a chance to shake them. Along for the ride is the greatest swordsman never known and a suped up, Cadillac Eldorado that transforms into a sentient, giant robot. On their own, they're a lost cause. Together, they're the hippest world travelers this side of 2D animation!

A dangerous journey is best measured in friends, not miles!

After a long wait, Cannon Busters on kickstarter has ARRIVED!

Hot off the heels of Seoul Sessions, TV Animation Director LeSean Thomas has decided to bring his passion-project to the people via crowdfunding and brought along some help from some of the industry's TOP TALENTS. Among them? Joe Madureira (contributing character design concepts), Thomas Romain (Space Dandy Mecha Designer/Oban Star Racers/Basquash! co-creator), Producer Tim Yoon (The Legend of Korra), animator Bahi JD( Space Dandy, Ping Pong, Ghost IN The Shell: Arise), Satelight Inc ( Macross Frontier, Basquash!) & Retailer! Please support! And if you cannot, SIGNAL BOOOST! Let's make stuff!!!!!

ONLY YOU can help make a new, 2D animated action-adventure dramedy of epic proportions happen with your support!

Click on the link and go pledge! Let's make Cannon Busters happen TOGETHER!


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