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Sunday, February 23, 2020

7 Most Popular Shops in Akihabara

Awesome Things to Do In Japan: 7 Most Popular Shops in Akihabara! (January 2020 Ranking)
Awesome Things to Do In Japan: 
7 Most Popular Shops in Akihabara! (January 2020 Ranking)
Date published: 21 February 2020 [Source: LiveJapan]
Here are the most popular shops in Akihabara, according to leading travel website Live Japan! Our ranking is based on the most popular pages viewed by foreign visitors in the past month. Be sure to add them to your Japan travel plan when you visit Akihabara!

Table of Contents
  2. 2.Animate - Akihabara
  3. 3.Tools ochanomizu
  4. 4.Akihabara Gachapon Kaikan
  5. 5.Tsukumo Robot Kingdom
  6. 6.Book House Café
  7. 7.Akihabara Nisshin Camera


If you're looking for toys, figures, figurines, games, or trading cards in Akihabara, be sure to visit us first! [Product Categories] <Toys> Bishoujo figures, “Love Live!”, “Bakemonogatari”, “Hatsune Miku”, “Fate”, “One Piece”, “Dragon Ball”, “Kamen Rider”, “Super Sentai”, “Ultraman”, “Godzilla”, “Gundam”, robots, “Robotech”, American toys, etc. <Trading Cards>“Dragon Ball Heroes”,and much more.With 12 locations throughout Japan, this well-established used entertainment shop chain has expanded to Akihabara!

2. Animate - Akihabara

2.Animate - Akihabara
The Akihabara branch of one of Japan's biggest total anime/comic shop chains, Animate. It is located along Chuo-dori in Akihabara Electric Town. The first to seventh floors of this 8-story building are sales floors, displaying various goods ranging from DVDs and Blu-rays of TV anime series, to comic books, figurines, and anime song CDs. There is a collection of tickets and souvenir goods on the first floor and an event space on the seventh floor. In addition, there are original goods and cosplay items found only at Animate, making it a place where you can thoroughly enjoy the world of anime. Various credit cards and China UnionPay cards can be used, making it convenient for foreign tourists to shop. It is a 4-minute walk from the Electric Town Exit of JR Akihabara Station.

3. Tools ochanomizu

3.Tools ochanomizu
Our store has been operating in Ochanomizu for over 45 years and we aim to bring the fun of drawing and creation to everyone, from beginners to professionals! We are a popular place to get presents and souvenirs, such as stationery and art supply sets.
• 1F: Copic products, stationery, and miscellaneous goods!
As an official Copic store, we stock all Copic-related goods.
*We also offer limited edition and early release goods (no set schedule).
We get our hands on popular Japanese-made stationery items, such as calligraphy brush pens, ballpoint pens, and erasers, ahead of the crowd. We also offer a huge selection of other fun items, such as seasonal greeting cards, stickers, and masking tape!
• 2F: Art supplies!
For acrylic paints, we stock products by the famous pioneering brand Liquitex. For watercolors, we have high-quality products from Winsor & Newton.
We also offer masterpieces such as brushes crafted by Japanese artisans, paints made from Sumi ink, suihitsu brush pens, and sketchbooks.
We will definitely have something you are looking for!
Just browsing our store is exciting! Come by and see for yourself.

4. Akihabara Gachapon Kaikan

4.Akihabara Gachapon Kaikan
A space dedicated to gachaphons, with around 500 gachaphon machines. There is plenty of variety, including gachapons related to Pokemon, which are popular even outside of Japan, Plarail, and gachaphons of other popular characters. Events such as raffles, which give winners the opportunity to challenge a lottery gachaphon, are also held periodically, with prizes such as free tickets and figurines. In addition, if you collect the ”win” stickers on the capsules from gachaphon machines, you can get a free turn at a gachaphon. There is also a mini museum corner on the fourth floor with a collection of old and nostalgic gachaphons. It is a 2-minute walk from Exit 3 of Suehirocho Station on the Tokyo Metro Ginza Line, or a 6-minute walk from the Electric Town Exit of Akihabara Station on the JR line.

5. Tsukumo Robot Kingdom

5.Tsukumo Robot Kingdom
Tsukumo Robot Kingdom is a specialized shop handling various items related to robot ranged from small parts to finished products. You can also find bipedal walking humanoid robots and parts for racing robots here. Electronic craft kits for children are also available.
    • Address PC head office the second floor of II, 1-9-7, Sotokanda, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, 101-0021
      View Map
    • Nearest Station Akihabara Station (JR Keihin-Tohoku Line / JR Yamanote Line / Tokyo Metro Hibiya Line / Tsukuba Express / JR Sobu Line)
      5 minutes on foot
    • Phone Number 03-3251-0987

6. Book House Café

6.Book House Café
We opened the Book House Cafe on May 5, 2017, aiming to become a store that can provide a truly friendly environment for people of all ages. A Cafe Space is available for guests to enjoy food and beverages, while we also offer a Kids' Space so that customers with children can use the space without reserve.
Our colorful Japanese picture books are popular even among guests who do not understand Japanese, and we've noticed customers from overseas buying them as souvenirs.
In an age where we can buy anything online, time to choose a book with your own two hands, at a picture book-themed cafe, will create nice memories. In two of our private rooms, we always hold an exhibition of original picture book paintings. And to make it enjoyable for many of our guests, we hold events and workshops on a daily basis. It is a unique store proactively conveying Jimbocho culture through exhibitions and lectures held in a large gallery on the second floor. We hope you will stop by at the Book House Cafe when you make it to Jimbocho, the city of books.

7. Akihabara Nisshin Camera

7.Akihabara Nisshin Camera
As a secondhand camera store in Akihabara, we stock a variety of latest model digital cameras such as Canon and Nikon, lenses and Japanese film cameras. In addition, we also have more than 50 types of cameras, including popular types of film, disposable cameras, 35mm film cameras and Brownie.
We also have many classic lenses (vintage lens) that are popular for affixing to mirrorless cameras.
We can guarantee the condition of our secondhand cameras as each camera undergoes a strict check before being added to our lineup.
We have started tax-free services as of December 2019 and can communicate with our customers in English to an extent. Purchase assessment is free of charge.
If you're looking for an impressive camera in Akihabara Electric Town, come straight to us!
*This information is from the time of this article's publication.
*Prices and options mentioned are subject to change.
*Unless stated otherwise, all prices include tax.

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